A highlight from Are there covert operations going on now to keep President Trump in power for another term

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Okay folks let's get into it. People have been asking and asking Are there operations going on Covert operations going on to keep president trump in power For another term in the answer to that question is yes there is. is you know. President trump is doing a massive document. Declassification declassification begins again. They're releasing all kinds of different information Russia gate Probably the two thousand sixteen all about hillary The fraud that's taken place here in the election. Here in the united states with all the fraudulent states A documents exposing the criminals of the obama administration. All of these were classified. Okay hillary clinton obama. I mean it just goes on and on and on all the way back to bill clinton and before all these are documents. President trump says he's got a stack of about a foot or two high of all kinds of documents. That are gonna be declassified before the election this is also the other reason why nancy pelosi. Once president trump out her computer is stolen in the Chaos and everything that took place in the capitol building and then also Nancy pelosi knows that the documents being released and declassified. The president has the authority to do that. He's gotten everything out. It's a total document dumb. Anybody ever familiar with the wikileaks. Which i am very well. I've hadn't seen a bunch of different documents of wikileaks when they've done dumps and they might dump fifty or one hundred documents at a time and it goes back and it might have old old b. document dump a tell about the clintons pedophilia and all kinds of Stuff obama did Different things like that obama sp had spies on trump and the russia gate with hillary clinton Child pedophilia clinton hillary clinton. And you know it just goes on and on and on Very satanic rituals. A lot of these people are worshipped. They worship satan and they do a lot of satanic shit. That's the bottom line. So president trump is declassifying. All that right now it. He does have a plan The military is working A lot of sources are saying even here With mike adams of Natural news dot com and bright neon dot owner and founder. He's even mentioned that they are that. They are working behind the scenes right now. The military is in place to do nation wide arrest. Nationwide arrest all over the united states to get these people. These people are nothing but dirt bags there scumbags and need to be arrested and put in jail actually. I think there's there's a couple other things. I can't really say here but definitely these people need to be taken out and arrested at least taken off the streets taken out in off the streets and these people have to be have to be prosecuted so president trump has his hand. This again. what i'm being told and and and Dr doctor dr tannock. Also who appeared on the alex jones show. He said the same thing and he specializes in sigh up operations and different things like that. He's he's got his phd in psychology and Sign up operations for the military. He's been working with them a long longtime he said the same thing. Trump will stay in power again. Trump will stay in power. They're going to spring the trap. Maybe on the day of the inauguration which again we're supposed to Joseph r biden january twentieth by twelve noon. That's the deadline. What happens is if they wait to the very last week the actors appear the actors and all the bad actors that come out. Come out from underground and they come to support. Joe biden all at once. Why they're in one place and again if you have a and just think about this for one. Second if you're in a state of martial law folks and while you're in st martial law the military takes over in other words there's not the. Us justice system there is the military. Justice system is called tribunals. I know that scares a lot of people. But military tribunals like a military court you have a defense. You have a prosecutor. It doesn't take very long. Usually military tribunals people that go to a military tribunal ninety nine times out of one hundred. They're found guilty. And in most cases depending on the case at least back in the seventeenth eighteen hundreds.

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