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That was Mr Lee Perry mix of wind of change by won't do belong in the soul Selects record label brand New for you making note of Ah Lee Perry's work with King Tubby and I first started working together in about 1970 one's about 50 years ago. And I just wanted to mention that because, of course sleep. Harry is one of the dub meisters himself. Will be honoring Lee Perry. He is 80 and leave. It is 85th birthday coming up in the middle of March. He tribute to him for certain before that, the Mr Reed black mix of wind of change. Been originally Recorded by the Scorpions in 1991 written by one Klaus mine in 19 night. Menu for you, Blanc du Blanc, as opposed to Blanc de Blanc, 100% chardonnay here, and it might as well be blood Blunt, dubbed Block. Well, this New Jersey Gentleman who goes by the name of block to block is assembled very talented musicians. We'll get into that right now. But what I do want to get into is another one from them. Disappears on their EP The wind of change deep and this is their version of Percy Sledge is song from 1966. Tune entitled Heart of a Child. Originally given the muscle Shoals Dearest Alabama sound

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