Washington, DC Statehood Bill Introduced By Senate Democrats


Life life for for making making d d C. C. Estate. A statehood bill has now been introduced in the US Senate. We'll hear more from W. T. O. P S. Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill. The bill is sponsored by Delaware Democratic Senator Tom Carper, who is working with D. C delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton to get the statehood measure to move forward in Congress. The House passed Norton's bill last year, which Norton argued for on the floor. We stand out as the only democracy which did guys democracy to the residents of its own capital. Now, with Democrats in control of the Senate, Norton and Statehood supporters believe they have a better chance than ever of getting D. C to become the 51st state in a statement, Norton thank Senator Carper. Saying, This is the time to finally correct what she calls a historic injustice and to give D C residents the same rights as other tax paying Americans on Capitol Hill,

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