Vampires in California? Of course. It's Richard Trenton Chase

Ominous Origins


At the risk of this podcast. Turning into a true crimeline. I felt the need to find a case. That was a both interesting to me in a realize sense but still holds an air of legend about it monsters. Don't just stocker nightmares. In fact the worst of them live right next door. Yeah think about that the next time loan at two. Am in your apartment. Your sorry nevertheless anybody who has listened to this cast for any length of time will know that i have a love for vampire lore and stories that mix with my recent really vigorous fascination for serial killers. It was only a matter of time. Before richard trenton jays popped back into my memory. He was a terrible man. Just a poor poor soul in all honesty and parts of his story might even make you feel a little sympathetic towards him. But don't they call him the vampire of sacramento for a reason but starting at the beginning chase was born on may twenty third nineteen fifty and by all accounts. He was raised in a very strict household. You know the tape. Some of you probably even lit belt. Beatings verbal assaults. The bar soap for dinner. That sort of stuff. I'd imagine. Richard went through as a child. It was through this abuse. And probably something that was already loosened his head that he began starting fires and torturing and killing small animals traits that were once thought to be the surefire sign of a psychopathic killer. As richard grew up and started the old dating cycle. He was never able to maintain a girlfriend and apparently he had a few in his pyu peasant years because he wasn't able to keep little richard up for very long all his girlfriend's eventually dumped him for it. Obviously this would be frustrating to a young man and surely all kinds of thoughts flew through his head. Maybe he was gay. Maybe he was afraid of being gay. I so many men in sixties must have felt when the problem persisted into his late teens. He decided he'd better go get his head checked out and so we met with the psychiatrist. Who told him to. Cause impotence likely stemmed from repressed anger and that he was likely suffering from a rather serious mental illness though he was not suggested to be committed likely suffering from mental illness and repressed anger. Look no shit sherlock. I mean how much this shrink actually knew about. His past has to play a role. When somebody like chase walks into your office. You should know almost right away that this guy is going to be bad news. It's not like he was had bundy not overly handsome charismatic. Not the type where once convicted people will be like. Oh no no rig. They'd be more like yeah that makes sense see. There are different types of serial killers out there. There's organized killers who plan stock and meticulously performed their kills to perfection and leave nearly nothing behind. That would have been ted bundy in his early years. Then you have. People like chase who fall into the disorganized killer portfolio there's sporadic they don't generally plan and there often messy yet. They're still difficult to catch due to the randomness of their crimes. I mean that's the barebones explanation of these types of killers but should be enough read understand the motives or lack thereof for chase's crimes which will get to shortly as chief ruled or. It was clear that he was becoming more and more unhinged. He moved out of his parents. House at one point and rapidly went through a number of roommates. It no not like that more like. They just couldn't stand him. He was odd to say the least and heavily involved in drugs hard drugs when he was stoned. He was paranoid actually. He was probably pretty paranoid when he wasn't stone to one report has it that he nailed his closet door shut because quote people were invading his space from in there and yeah clearly a mind that is not okay that that was just the start our boy. Your development do quite hypochondriac. He always thought something was wrong with him and he would pursue it until he was either cured or fixed or whatever. His mind told him was okay. There are reports of him entering the emergency room saying somebody had stolen his pulmonary artery and he was there to find them the person who stole the artery that is he claimed that bones were coming over the back of his head and that his stomach was backwards and his heart was stop beating. I'm guessing because he no longer had a pulmonary artery. Make sense after one of these shows that say trysts diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic. But thought that some or all these psychosis was due to his drug use was put under seventy two hour surveillance and it was recommended that he stay under supervision but it was ultimately completely up to him. See i've always heard that in. Some people don't know that they're insane. So why would they seek help and state of acidity if they don't think there's anything wrong with their brain just that its stomach goes backwards. You don't supervision for that. So naturally he left facility when he was able. He moved back in with his mom after a little while. But he was so deep news hypochondria and drug use that it began to take a toll on everybody's life including hits. of course.

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