500 Episodes Later... Fruit Finally Did It

GG Over EZ


Hi eighty hope. Mr fruit looking back to the greatest podcast on earth. Perhaps not the university with you. But that's probably the first thing you've ever said on here that i one hundred percent agree with. Oh thanks yeah. What about his muffle. Ten out of ten doctors agree with that statement. You just said what. I just said you beautiful that statement. No the previous day. Nine out of ten doctors agree that i was. I can't get ten out of ten on that stuff. People just have different preferences. You don't have to take it personally anyway in this episode episode sixty eight. We discuss all things everything we talked about. Twenty fifth anniversary lots stop. We talk out where enemies television. I talked about nato. She put in sports. Don't worry star wars other some star wars news video game wise You guys know the drill. You know what i'm saying. You talk about sneezing for a little bit at the start to. That was fun. You guys really listened to the rundown about. I'm just not gonna washers one. You gonna watch it anyway. Catch my interests yeah And if you do. I'm so sorry. I did a terrible job as kick you in the nuts.

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