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Security downtown Luke Luke w T. O P News SQUIRREL six Wednesday morning, President elect Joe Biden is about to take the oath of office on Inauguration Day today. Wednesday, the 20th, one of the leaders of the inaugural committee. That's planned for the week's events, is talking this morning about the expectations and prepped for security Presidential Inaugural committee coach here Lisa Blunt, Rochester talked about security concerns based on what the National Guard is doing lately by pulling members on site with extremist views and Tyson militias off duty and report that Cuna members might try to pose as National Guard. Troops were very, very confident about the security measures. One Rochester says. All efforts are being made to protect the president. Elect the vice president elect and the public, which is encouraged to watch the events from home. We also are trying to make sure that the world knows that this is an important and in a special time for our country that we will move forward in a positive direction. Kenzo FEA W T O P News Wtlv at 407 and

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