Always accomplishments of the Department of Defense.


Time. Our country will have a new president. Man who many of you know personally. In his decades of service. As United States senator A man who had no home. For over 40 years. Have the privilege to work with. During my years in the Congress. In the White House. And I was honored. To serve him when he was vice president and CIA director. And Secretary of Defense. Joe Biden is absolutely committed. To ensuring that we remain the strongest military power on the face of the earth. Believes that we must have the best trained, best equipped And most capable fighting force in the world. And he believes that the Department of Defense must be led by someone. Not only knows the issues of war and peace. It also knows the heart and soul. The women and men who bravely where the uniforms with their lives on the line. And fight for our freedom. That's why he selected Void Austin to serve as Secretary of defense, always accomplishments of the Department of Defense. Without peer. Graduated from West Point. Misleading. He led troops at almost every level. Mandate in combat. Served as America's military commander. Bring the draw down in Iraq. He served his vice chief of staff of the Army and as commanding general of the U. S Central Command. All of you know. That's one of the key combat commands at the Department of Defense. In that void when I came to D O D, a secretary in July of 2011. We had just six months to implement the drawdown. In Iraq. And Lloyd was the man on the ground charged with getting it done. Was a huge logistical task. Consulted carefully with the president with the vice president. National security advisor. His colleagues at the State Department.

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