A highlight from S2E89: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/19/21


Know make up. You look great today. part in how are you. i'm great. how are you good hair in bethlehem. we weren't cast live till you from. It's thirty four degrees going up to a high of thirty nine. Today it is going to be cloudy with peaks sunshine throughout the day in strasbourg. Thirty two degrees thirty seven high. Cloudy in the same Some sun peeking through the clouds throughout the day in newark new jersey. Thirty four degrees partly cloudy with a high of forty three today and a new york city. Thirty six degrees forty three four. The high end partly cloudy thirty in atlanta sixty one for the high sunny and clear today in miami at sixty one degrees is seventy five will be the high end fair twenty one in chicago. Twenty eight for the high end cloudy. It's going to be freezing your better. Bundle up over there. Well in la. It's fifty four degrees seventy four. The high end cloudy with peaks of sun Pop into cloud throughout day in louisville is thirty six degrees forty five four behind cloudy and thirty in rochester. Thirty four for high cloudy with snow a late in the day. That's the whether half of all what's it look like where you are coming to you live from the show. Have you on the show featuring dj. Tim wanna start. jackie week. Get your morning started right. Only place on earth get your morning started right. We have front page

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