2 Mass. Residents Arrested By FBI, Charged In Boston Federal Court For US Capitol Riots


Massachusetts residents appear in federal court in connection with the riot at the U. S. Capitol. Here's WBC's Karen Regal Natick, Suzanne. I any didn't say much. Besides Besides yes, yes, your your honor honor during during a a ritual ritual court court appearance, appearance, where where she she is is accused accused of of entering entering a a restricted restricted building building without without lawful lawful authority authority and and disorderly disorderly conduct conduct on on Capitol Capitol Grounds, Grounds, the the native native town town meeting meeting member member whose whose Twitter Twitter is studded with references to Donald Trump in Cuban on Was released with one of the conditions being. She can't be near the statehouse or attend any protests or demonstrations Mark to Haiti and organizer of the 2019 Straight Pride parade and part of the right leaning Super Happy Fun. America was held pending a detention hearing Thursday. U. S attorney apparently concerned with witness intimidation, his attorney said. That was ridiculous. The assistant U. S attorney, however, said so Haiti told his mother with whom he lives to hide his cell phone when he was arrested and was part of a quote organized horde that left the Capitol Police officer did.

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