Kristy Swanson defends Trump from 'cancel culture,' demands to be removed from John Hughes films


Actress. Kristy swanson wants to be cancelled and she wants to be cancelled to support a president trump. So let me explain this forty five years ago. Well she's she wants to get in the time machine and b. Can't let me explain last week. Fans called for trump to be digitally removed from home alone two loss to new york and over the weekend. She tweeted because she was worried. Who want oh. We want to be digitally removed. Taken out of home alone to wow. This is scary and kind of tearing down. Statues is one thing but that digit physical but digitally removed. That's interesting yeah. I agree to this thing is like you're honoring racist or whatever but like he was in there was an extra ticket. Oj naked gun ignored. Berg gotta make berg. So she's kind of calling the bluff in some way says if cancel culture is really going to have donald trump removed from the john hughes movie Then in support of my president. I'd like to have myself officially removed from the john hughes films. Pretty in pink and fares. Buehler's day off now if you don't remember pretty in pink. She's at the very end. I think she's credited as like miss duckie. Because she's the one that jon cryer sees at the end and like she gives him a little wave and then the credits roll in fair to dealers. Day off. I think she's the one that does the speech about fairs like my sister's boyfriend's cousin's you know some fainted flavors. I heard it's pretty serious. That's kristy swanson. So she wants both of those clips removed. Of course twitter is just beating the shit out of her for this. You are in that. Who are you. Who cares but You know she makes a point. She kept her mustang in my warehouse for six months where you are right now. No i have multiple warehouses. Why i asked. Yeah i wish. I could remember the street name address but glendale with all that really how it got to me. Or she's needed a place to keep her her her mustang. I had no idea how hard core she was. She is hard goddamn core man. Twitter bio is like some about quitting. Proud mom god. I was very religious. I only know her second hand my dear friend lindsay parker who is in the movie flowers in the attic with her when they were when she was a baby i mean. How old is that movie. Remember from the mid eighty s. She worked with swanson played her sister and said she was

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