A highlight from Basketball and Hockey Round-Up for January 19th, 2021


And most of the station's aka the iheart radio stations always push some type of podcast. It's like i don't care. I don't listen to a lot of podcast. Mainly because i don't have time to. I mean i'll listen to the folks i know if they put out a podcast. I'll try to listen that. But there's like ten zillion true crime. Podcast which i think's same amount of state. I'm sorry that team in columbus podcast but there you go so yep no more making fun of wing. No more making fun of nine eighty and really. I haven't listened to wing for longer than ten seconds like wednesday heading up. Pick want but there you go no more making fun of local sports radio when you have local sports right here spread the word so that's my new year's resolution. I expect that to last until so two hundred. That's pretty much it. let's talk. Basketball yours truly has broadcasted a lot of basketball and in fact these next two weeks are going to be super busy and we're going to talk a little bit what i'm doing next week. Maybe there's an episode out. Maybe not i don't know yet but we'll get to that a little bit. We're talking high school basketball and college basketball now. Normally that's Change mainly because of the fact. There's so many high schools that play basketball Pretty much all of them in the area and there are lot of high schools in the area considering in cincinnati dayton. I decided not to talk about the columbus area schools. Just because of the fact that's gonna be a lot more schools. I mean i do that for hockey. It's because the factors like twelve hockey teams in the area. That's it so that's that's why there's that if you have any complaints about that Ford me at the proper address. So we're gonna talk about standings and boys and girls basketball for high school level and then we'll go to the collegiate level and talk about the sixty one teams in the area and then we'll talk about hockey high school hockey because that is still going on. So we'll start off with boys. Basketball standings in the dayton area and these are provided to you by miami valley hoop vault. They do a great job and also true hoops actually. What is the official term true hoops. a true hoops with z. H. s. They do a nice job with area a basketball as well. So we're gonna talk about standings and we'll start with the dayton area. And i was deciding. Should i just go out badly with the standings because that's how it is on the website or start with cross county conference because i always start with that because i'm from west alexandria talking about valley south because that's why i went to school for a time. Do them alphabet ugly. Because i said so. And we'll start with a central buckeye conference and leading the way a perfect clean slate for the jonathan. Alder pioneers five in the kenton ridge. Division standings nine and overall fob springfield johnny foreign one and eight and two overall and then to come in the arrows and the kenton ridge cougars too into belle fountain owen. Four london owen. Five as we move to the mad river. Division standings of the cbc north union leading the way for note nine into overall fall by three into benjamin logan and indian lake one into our bana one. In three graeme and owen three north western. And now we'll jump in the cross county conference leading the way we'll be the tri village patriots. It's great to see try village thirteen and start to for the pats. It's you know. I think it was coach sangster. That came back and just seen how. That program has responded. You know we got our canham six and one miami east five one. Get miami's vikings. One more time next month vol by one. Franklin monroe to and national trail four three covington two and three newton one

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