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Years of my life. I was the pastor and preacher. I built churches preached every sunday met with hurting people and try to be the real mccoy. In contrast to the charlatans who seemed to get the news headlines that i never coveted. Sometimes i would get the recordings of my sermons and listen to them. It was a horrifying experience. I was never able to say what i wanted to say. As clearly precisely in. Compelling as i wanted to in contrast listen to gray contemporary preachers who are communicating. The very things. I wanted to communicate. Why did they seem to be able to preach so much better than may was mistaken. In my sense of call to the ministry all my churches tended to grow in numbers and spirit and vitality. Shouldn't they be growing faster. Perhaps if i was more gifted more holy harder working in weiser strategically i would see more fruit from my labor. You know exactly what i'm talking about. Maybe he warned a preacher or a public figures submitting to the never ending commentary of critics around you. But you had the voices in your head telling you you aren't good enough smart enough talented enough or charming enough to make the grade. The let it beat you down. Today we get to learn from a man who has lived much of life in the rarefied air of gulf's elites he played in all four majors even setting a course record for the master's first time participant in nineteen seventy eight when he came in fifth. This man is a pro in many ways an author that accounted family man and has much more than a casual relationship with jesus christ while come. Wally armstrong to church ertz hand. Thanks to be with you wally. Gimme the elevator speech on what it was like to be a professional touring pro fifty years ago. Well he made. It was a life changing thing for me a dream come true from being a little Country boy from indiana and the cornfields playing a little nine hole course and caddying and started looking for golf balls and selling him over the fence. Escon my first job in in the business of and Found myself Thirty years later on the pga tour at the peak of the game from coming from that little background. But that's that's like almost. I feel like every man. That's every man's dream much as yours. You're this little guy in indiana in and you actually though i mean there's so much your story i wish we could. We can't tell your story today. We can just a little bit. I wanna hear you actually caddy. Let's start with you as a caddie you actually caddied for one of the greatest players of all time. How in the world tell me about that. While i was in college. I was getting my graduate degree. That was a brand new believer in christ in a university of florida tour player. Dave reagan asked me to speak at his house in orlando and share with the rawlinson stetson. Golf teams my story of faith. And i had given up the game and i talk to these guys and he said wally you know you need to use your platform golf. He said why. Don't you come out and caddie for me on the tour. I went out and caddy for him at the firt tournament at In north carolina. We had a bible study on the tour. I didn't realize there were guys on the tour meeting. Gary player was there. Gary and dave ragan myself and this time gary was already gary player right area. Mayor was yeah. He was like the i mean. I couldn't believe it. I was around this guy. This icon of the tour and dave said gary if wally could ever caddy for you to be mean the world of him. He's a college player in gary said. Well there's nothing against you all. But i haven't seen you caddy and you know it's a big business. I've never had another caddy except cricket which was his caddy and lo and behold we get. The pairings were paired with yuri player. The first day the second day and sunday and so we're talking and he's watching me caddy. In the next tournaments to byron nelson. Classic and i hitchhiked all the way to dallas from north carolina. And i get there on tuesday. Walk up to the clubhouse. Dave is there waiting for me at the front door. We walk in byron nelson is standing there. And he's working with dave's game so he says come in. Let's have lunch time. Having lunch with nelson and dave and there's arnold jack i mean this is gulf heaven you know the first byron nelson tournament about halfway through the meal. Dave looks over my shoulder. Gary players by the doorway going to the pro shop and motions dave over and dave comes back with the big smile on his face is you can't believe what happened. Jerry's caddy got sick back in north carolina and he wants to know of you can caddy for him so that was three weeks of an amazing journey to caddy. You know got the top bag. One of them Right out of the chute and so while he was such an inspiration and The the end of that story he

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