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High temperatures above the seasonal high, and then we'll fall off in terms of temperatures by the end of the week, so we'll show you that roller coaster of a forecast coming up here in just a little bit roadways this morning have been okay. You could You have plans to travel right now this picture out on the East side. I 78 rolling. Keystone does not look bad. Maybe just a few cars here and there, but We're not anticipating any delays or slow down with those computers that are out right now. It's only about 502. So it's still fairly early for the morning drive. But if you are heading out right now, I don't think you're gonna run into any issues at this point. Are Tom would automotive group traffic map right now? Just show really great math lots green. So we want to see to start off our Wednesday morning drive heading in from, say, the North side Northwest side looks great. I 4 65 and 86 Street, not a whole lot of commotion right now. Our Northwest side drive times 65 from signs But wait. Found the Indian a 15 minute drive designs Hill Road from Main Street, 62nd Street just over a 10 minute commute and then Michigan Road from Zionsville. The 65 about a 20 minute morning drive when I die Delaware, Britain on my heart In the hearts. Parts of all but all of us all the mines.

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