For the president when he arrives at the White House as the president for the first time,


Now for our continuing coverage of the Biden inauguration, it continues downtown with W T O P s. Can Duffy who joins us on Skype? What do you see him down there, Ken? Well, no news is good news. I guess you could say and the news is that there's no news because people were told not to show up here for two reasons. One for security reasons, the other because of covert 19, and we have not seen a whole lot of people showing up here. So that is the good news. But that said, we have seen some who wanted to be here. They wanted to see. What was happening by the capital concerning the security presence and also just to be here by the Capitol building. To see Joe Biden or not seeing but at least be by the scene where Joe Biden this morning we spoke to a couple of people who decided to show Ah, one woman came in from Seattle, saying she wanted to defy the order is she did not want to stay away from here. She's been in inaugurations the past for President Obama, and also she's saying that she really wanted to be here because it was a big moment for her. And as far as security is concerned, she's not happy with it, and many people were not happy with it, but realized it was necessary. But as far as an overall scene, we've taken a walk around this capital complex area tough to find people. Who did show up here. So that is the good thing that not a whole lot of huge crowds showed up for this inauguration day of life back to you. All right, w T. O. P s Ken Duffy live with his aunt, the capital. Of course, it has been an inauguration, unlike any other in American history with a heavily secured empty national mall is can described in the midday deadly global pandemic. And along with this month's shocking assault on the Capitol President Biden is set to arrive at his new temporary home at this hour. He plans to get to work. Soon afterward, joining us with more CBS News, White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy How you Steve, We are expecting a flurry of executive orders this evening. What does President Biden plan to address first? Hi, Hilary. It's a long list and a busy afternoon on this first day of the Biden era in the United States. Aides tell us The new president's going to spend part of this afternoon in the Oval Office, signing 17 executive orders and actions that are aimed at reversing some of Donald Trump's signature policies. This would include, for example, the emergency declaration. It funds construction of the border wall the travel restrictions that critics have called Mr Trump's Muslim ban the order, for example, that blocks diversity and inclusion training by federal agencies and contractors. The new president is going to impose a moratorium on oil and gas leases in the Alaskan Anwar wildlife refuge. He's going to river revoke the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. He's going to re enter the U. S and the Paris climate accord all and he's going to a mandate Federal Ah federal mask mandate as part of his 100 Day masking challenge, there's more he's going to extend the existing paws on student loan payments. Ah lot to get done all of it waiting on the Oval Office desk for the president when he arrives at the White House as the president for the first time, Stephen We remember four years ago today, and the inauguration speech given by Donald Trump was much different than what we heard today from Joe Biden reflect on the differences between the two and maybe how confident this new administration is about bringing the nation to some sort of healing. Sure, extraordinary contrast, just think about the speech four years ago. Donald Trump comes into office talking about American carnage that the decaying of manufacturing towns the deaths from opioids that the fact that people in this country were for gotten by Washington and the elites and that this president is talking about the need to unify to look past what he calls the uncivil war that pits red against blue. Hey, seizes the country's foes, anger, resentment and hatred, extremism, lawlessness, violence, disease, joblessness, hopelessness, He says that as a united America we can overcome all those things and see each other, not as advertised, not his adversaries. But as neighbors, In the words of the new president, it was a speech that was not specific about his policy plans. It was entirely About unifying the country, but Steven quickly before we go. This follows the former president's exit from the district. How would you characterize that? Well, it was a send off. I mean that they did. The outgoing President Donald Trump had brief remarks to reporters that he flew the Oh joint base. Andrews and he told supporters there that the the hopes the new administration is great success. He says he hopes their taxes won't go up. But he said if they do, I told you so. He said. Have a good life will see you soon. He said that he would be back into some form some day as he exited stage right. The village people played as Air Force One rolled on the tarmac. You heard rendition of My Way by Frank Sinatra. So it was pretty classic Donald Trump moment. All right, Stephen. Thank you so much. You bet, CBS White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy, Jeff Klee, Bauhaus Wall Street Doing the Dow is up 230 points the S and P 500, the NASDAQ You're headed for records.

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