A highlight from AFC & NFC Championship DFS Preview (Jan 24)


And joe dolan me now on the fantasy. Feast eight and podcast. Yeah baby is the fantasy. Feast eating podcast heading into the glorious conference championships sunday. And we got some big baller. Fantasy quarterbacks aaron rodgers. Tom brady patrick mahomes josh allen. I'm ross tucker former. Nfl offensive lineman. At ross tucker. Nfl twitter instagram facebook. All of our shows now on youtube. Youtube dot com slash. Ross tucker. Nfl you wanna see what joe's house looks like or you wanna joe's hat that he wears every week at least where some kind of hat flyers is back again. Joe of courses. Joe dolan at f. g. underscored dolan. He is the expert on this show. He is fantastic. He's also one of the co owners a fantasy points dot com. Which is why we love. Love love when you use the code. Feast over there at fantasy points dot com said. They know that we sent you and joe. There's a lot to get into Before we even get into the games from last weekend or the to on sunday. I wanna just get your thoughts because it happened after we recorded the ross tucker football podcast this morning. About philip rivers lee tiring. He seemed like what did he typically rank as a fantasy quarterback each year. Joe he was in my in my time in the industry rivers was always one of those guys who was kind of towards the back. And of like the starters occasionally he would be better than that. And when i say starter i i'm talking like huby twelve so like back into the top. Twelve in his heyday with the chargers up. Maybe more towards the top half of that. Obviously we've seen very few quarterbacks in nfl history with less mobility than philip rivers and that would anchor his fantasy upside but ultimately he ended up being a guy who would gravitate toward the back end of that top. Twelve at quarterback. I think that's how i'm going to remember him. From a fantasy perspective never guy who was like a game changer. But certainly somebody who you could one fantasy championships with and many fantasy championships. And you know. I i think we always look at it from the perspective of were a little bit surprised when somebody who was and i still think rivers was playing at a pretty high level. retires but obviously this is a family man. He has a lot of children. He's been with his wife. I mean since he was in college. This is a guy who who just determined. I think he said it's just time. And it was a great career for philip rivers. I expect that he will be enshrined in. Canton should be Based on his his resume he was a good sometimes. Great fantasy but obviously his legacy goes beyond that. Congratulations to philip. Rivers on a phenomenal career But yeah it's a good. But not great fantasy quarterback i think is how will remember him but occasionally better did usually get drafted higher or lower than he should have or was it usually properly drafted say because he was around for so long he was a guy who ended up getting drafted at least more recent years lower than he should have only because This year he's gonna fall off. And you know when. I think of philip rivers. I think of of the chargers a six seventy years ago when he had so many injuries. And he's throwing the guys like say zero to two and he's putting up numbers. And that's how i'll remember. Philip rivers behind a bad offensive line quarterback with no mobility managing to put up numbers. Just somebody who. I think because he wasn't flashy often got drafted after he should have been drafted a very solid fantasy quarterback in his career. But obviously there's going to be many reasons to remember philip rivers beyond a fantasy contributions. Absolutely joe i would agree. Boy his his miked up segments were amazing legendary. Absolutely love it. i wanna get to your thoughts on last week's games and then of course this week's games i should point out though now. Only can you bet on these games this weekend at draft kings but also as joe gets into the sunday slate and the options for the conference championship games. You're going to want to do that on the draft. Kings apt irregular out not the draft king's book app by the way. If you're in the ultimate fighting draftkings sportsbook is the officials. Sports betting partner of the ufc. So for a shot to turn one dollar in two hundred and fifty seven dollars. You can bet one dollar on mcgregor to win by knockout in the first round. If he does you'll be cashing in two hundred and fifty seven dollars. Wow by a little win a lot. It's that simple. I might do that. Just can root for mcgregor to knock him out in the first thing awesome of a feeling that would be if he does not out in the first round. Download the top rated drafting sportsbook at now. Use promo code. Ross when you sign up dollar into two hundred and seven dollars if macgregor wins by first round knockout. Place your bet. Watch the fist fly this weekend.

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