How to Repair Your Skin Barrier With Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas


Ingredients to look for on a label for your serum or moisturizer the holy grail products that she personally recommends to her clients for skin barrier repair and we also ask her all about the trend. That's all over instagram and read. It is skincare slugging. Like what is it and do you need to do it. Plus we go deep on exfoliating toners like are they actually villainous as they're made out to be and for myself personally. I'm always someone who's kind of going back and forth between like expropriating toners and then barrier repair. And it's like. I can't seem to level out so i ask her all about that and i think this is really great timing because not only is that the data of winter but this is like a huge trend. If you will that. We're seeing in the industry talking about skin barrier health. And so before we get into our chat with joanna i do wanna kick it off with a surprise. It's a mini damn goods review in partnership with one of today's show partners. Strive acton that's right we're talking about the brand new strive becton rental recode moisture rich barrier cream. It's hundred nineteen. Us dollars one twenty nine in canada and you can find it on the straight victim website as well as retailers like and shopper struck mary and of course it like most of you will probably know strive act in. I remember it exploded onto the scene back in my early beauty editor days and they came out with that acton. Sd which was a stretch mark cream but women all around the world were putting it on their faces because they realized that it helped with wrinkles. That's right like became the best selling wrinkle cream even in france where there were like really well known at the time they would not do that. Mongia so i know they're not cream is supposedly a hot seller as well and their whole thing is they have this proprietary science. It's called nine one one four so you often see that on the label you probably within like what is that. So you guys have heard of niacin. They use this optimized form of niacin aka vitamin b. Three in every single one of their products. And they do that because they say it's backed by over thirty years of research. Thirty independent clinical studies and non global patents and why because they say it's clinically proven to strengthen and thick in that skin barrier. So it's like filling in all those cracks. If you will improving the performance of all the ingredients that you might be using to like reduce wrinkles or whatever it is that you're targeting so that's in like all their products across the board amazing so tell us about the wrinkled recode rich cream carleen. Because i know you've been using it since before the holidays. So what's what's it all about. And what have you been noticing okay. So it's a rich cream. it comes in a small tub with one of those little scoops. It's like a pretty pale pink color when you open it. I'm slightly scented and it almost looks like a beautiful like frosting that. You're gonna put on a cupcake total and so when you apply it it. It starts out almost like a light butter. So i kind of would use the scoop. Put a little bit on my hand and what. I found surprising though when it actually put it on is that it almost felt like a little bit cooling which i wasn't expecting and i think the biggest thing that a lot of people are going to like about it is that it was not greasy at all. So i think that's the challenge with some of those skin barrier creams out. There is that you know when you want something. that's actually going to be almost like a physical barrier. If you're out skiing like running in the winter it can be kind of greasy right. It's just like so thick and this is not occlusive at all. So what over time like. What have you noticed about your skin. Yes oh this. Formula has been designed to address key signs of a compromise skin barrier. So we're gonna go deep on that in today's episode but we're talking about like fine lines wrinkles like redness dullness. And i will say that. I suspect and again. I don't have like a scientific. You know monitor at home. But i do detect that my skin is becoming less red and just generally upset looking and that's really important to me these days. That's like my biggest. That's what i'm looking for is just like comfort. Oh totally end the before. And after that they had were pretty crazy. Like i noticed that they had result from women who even with like the marionette lines around your mouth that they were totally minimized reduced. So that's pretty convincing to want to get us a try right and i know that we asked the brand abo- how it really works on like a biology level and they said the secret is all about this one to one to one biometric lipid ratio. They call it. And that's a fancy scientific term. That basically means they have a very specific ratio of ceremonies. Love those fatty acids and cholesterol in the formula. Those are all essential lipids helped to strengthen the skin's barrier and that they can actually absorb because they mimic the molecular weight in skin so that's probably accounts for that like fast. Absorption that you were talking about And also have to give a shout out to one of my favorite ingredients. You guys have heard me talk about this before on the show. It's columbia and that's in the formula. While an i personally have noticed. This is a common thread and a lot of the products that i've used in the past in the winter that tend to have like a soothing effect calming that redness. They tend to always have colangelo in it. So i love that as well. Okay good tip. And i think we're gonna see a lot more products like this that say skin barrier right on the label and twenty twenty one. 'cause like i said even though this condition isn't new so many more people are aware now but they're still kind of confused they're like dr dry skin dr damaged you know skin barrier and that's also of course why we have joanna with us today so let's get into our chat and a friendly reminder that the product. We talked about plus any products. That joanna i personally mentions. That are her faves. They're going to be listed over on our blog. So we've listed them offer you there at breaking video. Podcast dot com so without further ado.

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