Andrew Neil Comments on Trump's Ban From Twitter


On our live stream of first. I want to lead with this paper here. Of I think Andrew Neil is his name. Very serious journalist from England. I wish our country had someone is serious is him in a high position. He's very tough on both sides talking to the head of Twitter advertising former head of political advertising a Twitter play tape, I think what does concern people Pizza, though, is the sense of unaccountable power. Whether you agree with what Twitter is done, whether you think it's bias that attends school for those on the right rather than the left. The bigger issue is unaccountable power, particularly when they seem to act in concert. I mean, these air is a company's far bigger Then the oil, the railways, the steal the robber barons of the end of the 19th century in America, they've got much more money and much more influence. And yet Twitter bans trump for life. And you've given the reason why, and then Incitement to violence is something that has there's not a right to that in free speech, but Trump's people then C. All right, we're gonna move to parlor. We could do stuff there and then immediately. The rest of big tech causes that down as well. The APS are you cannot get either from Google or from Apple, and Abbas says we hosting you anymore. That's a cartel. In America cartels are legal. Amen. I love Wen. Non Americans tell us about our laws. No, I actually mean that non sarcastically because I feel as if we get so wrapped up in our own. Political circus at times that we lose kind of a connection to Exactly what It's happening in our own country, and whether the Department of Justice will investigate cartel like behavior remains to be seen. Probably unlikely. With the new administration that is coming in, however, a Zenger Neil, I believe that's his name, pointed out. The behavior of these companies is that one hand washes the other. That is literal cartel type behavior that they don't put profits and even their own fiduciary interest First. Instead, they put the incumbent economic protection of the combined interest of their company's first That is not legal. That is that is that that's beyond monopolist. Just so we're clear that is a different threshold than monopolistic behavior. So monopolies are illegal because you dominate in one space. Cartels are illegal. Even more so than monopolies because then you have different types of companies that are leaning on each other, too, then go after competitors wherever they might arise. And so we've seen this now with Amazon that dominates the server space 49% of all rented out server space goes through Amazon Web services we've seen that threw Apple, which provides a majority. Of the smartphones in this country, so that through Google that has 92% of all search results in the country's Elvis. So you Google plus Apple plus Amazon. That's a cartel. To say the least. What you think is about? Yeah, we've reached a new level of antitrust violations here, and obviously we created antitrust laws in response to monopolistic behavior from corporations in the past. But honestly, that's not even touching what's

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