Tennessee Issues Statement on Termination of Nine Employees and Jeremy Pruitt


Tarrant tennessee. No parting of the ways. No resignation fired. Jeremy pruitt after an internal investigation the chancellor of the university chancellor plowman earlier today the personnel actions. We are announcing. Today are an indication of the gravity of what we've discovered today. Athletic director fomer and i issued termination letters to the following assistant. Football coaches brian. Nita meyer and shelton felt also four members of our on campus football recruiting staff additionally our director and assistant director of football player personnel and finally a football analyst quality control coach. So what are what are Council has told us is it. We're looking at level one and level two violations. I don't know yet yet. Exactly how many or exactly the specifics of it the chancellor earlier today and we have the live coverage here blake top. Mayer has covered the story from the beginning and he joins us early evening from knoxville blake. Good evening thanks for being with us and before we get to specific just describe. What this day has been like in knoxville. Well obviously the big news that we've been waiting for call for a probably at least a month now and in the the question for at least the lack last week or more has been. Is jeremy Going to get outright fired for cause or is he going to get fired with a settlement for reduced by out. I mean i. It felt like inevitable that a coaching change was coming. And we've got the answer today. That pruitt's being fired for cause. Tennessee does not intend to pay him. One cent of his twelve point six million dollar buyout also included in the four. 'cause firings Were systems. Brian eater myron shelton felton in the termination letter to jeremy pruitt tennessee chancellor plowman outlined six four. 'cause provision of jeremy pruitt's contract University believe he violated and of course all stems to be ongoing investigation into sweeping recruiting if violations That have occurred or are believed to have occurred within tennessee's program during pruitt's watch like so many things unpack the chancellor said. She threw her own program under the bus. And i understand the tendency to pile on but having covered many of these before as you have. That was really unprecedented address. That if you don't mind it's obvious that the chancellor is frustrated beyond frustrated with the the amount of malfeasance that i think she sees within the football program. I mean these. I think it's fair to call these sweeping violations. And what she believes they're going to be major violations. stemming from the football program She she mentioned that she was stunned. By both the number of interactions and the number of people involved in the infractions. And so you know. It doesn't leave tennessee in a great position to come out on the other side of this and say you know hey. Nca take it on us there. There really wasn't that much bad going on here. You know you've seen a lot of athletic departments kind. Play that card with the ncaa play hardball with the ncaa and say that they weren't breaking rules. I think tennessee is is quite clearly taking me approach of Of admitting its its mistakes. upfront here Firing the people that believes are responsible for the mistakes and then going forward is going to have to pivot and try to likely self imposed penalties and hope that that can fend off Some of the harshest punishment from from the ncaa but it does leave it in a difficult scenario here as it goes forward not only with the ncaa but as it tries to hire and athletic director and it tries to attract a football coach.

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