Disneyland Kills Its Annual Pass Program to Lure in Tourists


The happiest place on earth shared a bit of sad news for disneyland devotees. Anyway if you have an annual pass to the park or ever wanted to buy one well. You're out of luck in early. January disneyland abruptly announced that its annual pass program was over well. The company said it was sunsetting annual passes which is so disney right. The program let guests pay anywhere from around four hundred fourteen hundred a year for access to both disneyland and nearby disney california adventure park. Both parks in southern california have been closed since last march because of the corona virus pandemic so folks eagerly waiting for the park to reopen. And the chance to buy an annual pass for next year. We're doubly sorry disney said anyone who's passes extended beyond the shutdown date would be automatically refunded in pass holders will get discounts on food and merchandise from disney's retail outfits. Through the end of february. Now disneyland doesn't publicly release sales numbers but it's believed that they sell around one of those passes a year that means. There are a lot of disappointed disney fans out there wondering why well it all comes down to the numbers and money. Of course both disneyland and california adventure around twenty eight million visitors a year according to estimates spine engineering firm. That's a whole lot of foot traffic on main street. Usa and that traffic is good. News for disney. If those millions of visitors are spending a lot on food and souvenirs while they're at the park and people who spend the most in the park. Well they tend to be tourists from out of town which visitors spend less money in the park residents of southern california who also make up the bulk of annual pass holders according to the la times. So while you'd think that selling a million annual passes might be profitable for disney the program is actually clogging the park with people who are spending less on food and stuffed animals hence the annual pass programme has gone the way of mu fossa. Sorry that was that meanwhile at disney world in orlando the annual pass program was closed to new buyers last summer. Theme park experts. Say it's for the same reason. The park is crowded with folks who live nearby and spend less in the parks. But anyone who already has a pass in hand for this year can still use it. Because disney world is currently open disney's move has made another theme park come out and assure visitors that won't be axing its annual pass programme universal studios with parks in. You guessed it orlando in southern california after disney made their announcement universal studios hollywood tweeted. Hey pass members we heart you. That may have been a good marketing. Move on their part but for diehard disney fans and there are a lot of you out there universal studios just can't replace that disney experience disney executives say they will be rolling out alternatives to the annual pass. Soon in the meantime visitors will have to settle regular old day passes

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