Would give residents full representation in Congress


Is dividing the U. S Senate as lawmakers also take up President Biden's initiatives and nominees. Let's learn more with wt Opie's Mitchell Miller today on the hill, he said it will come to order Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy again presiding over the Senate after his brief trip to the hospital Tuesday evening. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is pledging to move ahead on covert relief and other issues but remains upset with the 45 Republicans who supported a procedural motion calling the impeachment trial unconstitutional to vote. First. Various constitutional objection to the coming impeachment trial was deeply Deeply irresponsible On the issue of confirming President Biden's nominees, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asserts they're getting treated better than some of the former presidents. Did this president's mainstream nominees to keep poster receiving fair consideration and a timely process on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, W T O P News and another shot of D C. Statehood is taking shape in the Senate, Delaware Democrat Tom Carper has reintroduced legislation that would make D C. The 51st state Would give residents full representation in Congress and ensure that citizens and elected leaders would have full authority over local affairs D c delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton says this is not a Republican or a or a democratic issue. She says the lack of representation for residents is inconsistent with the values on which the nation the nation was founded. President Biden supports the statehood bill. Meantime, the president signed new executive orders today and they're intended to ward off the worst effects of climate change. Our plans were ambitious. We are America. We're bold or unwavering to the pursuit of jobs and innovation, science and discovery. We can do this.

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