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Will be effective as newer variants evolved. The nation's top infectious disease expert also confirmed the federal government has distributed more than 44 million doses of the vaccine, and more than three million Americans have received two doses. The Biden administration will have many more briefings on the status of the effort to stop covert 19 that we saw in the Trump administration about the only updates. We got from Donald Trump right? His rallies where he proclaimed that we were quote, rounding the corner on the pandemic. Even if the number of cases and deaths continue to increase. President Joe Biden is addressing the reality as we hear from AP White House correspondent Jonathan Lemaire President Biden is taking different posts, symbolically breaking with The Trump administration but also telling American people and I was there in the White House yesterday when he made his pride it update on the cove in pandemic, suggesting that yes, with the vaccine is going to be distributed. We're getting better at this. We've a long way to go and really laid out a pretty stark timetable of things gonna get worse before they get better these next couple months ago, you very hard and that most Americans won't be vaccinated, least fully. 300 million Americans is the goal to be vaccinated. That won't happen to the end of the summer early fall but and working to get more doses of vaccine into the national pipeline. More doses that will help Californians get a vaccination. They killed him Connect in 70 news radio.

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