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This is the best time of the year for me. Because it's almost time for the super bowl and my team the kansas city chiefs trying to go back to back and defeat. Tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers to get their second straight super bowl title as washington. Football team fan. I am in misery right now because we haven't been to a super bowl since i don't know forever but anyway it's also a great time of year to shop for tv. Traditionally the days leading up to the super bowl come just behind black friday and holiday sales of the most tv purchases across the us. That's right it's. It's a good time to upgrade your tv or display and for some more insights. Were lucky enough to have our colleague ryan. Who is the managing editor for electronics. Reviewed. hey ryan thanks for being with us. Thought you might have some advice to share with shoppers. Who might be thinking about getting a new. Tv with the big game coming up this weekend. Hey guys So fun to be here. I am very upset because you're a cheese fan. And i'm a broncos fan and I am now looking down. The spiral of losses for maybe. I don't know the rest of our football lives. Because patrick mahomes is probably gonna pay for twenty years. But that's not what we're here to talk about. I suppose we should talk about it if we might even lose breath you daren't chiefs fans anyway. It is a great time to buy a tv. There are few great times in the year. But why this is such a great time to buy a tv is because there are really good deals as these new. Tv's are coming out. They are trying to get these quote unquote old. Tv's off of shelves or out of their internet stockpiles so they are wheeling and dealing. Somebody's tv's and another good thing about why now is a great time. Particularly after twenty twenty is a lot of the. Tv's in two thousand twenty some of those new features that people look for future-proof tv like two point one hdmi of variable refresh rates for gaming. So you're actually getting a lot of the complete package in a tv. That is you know has an older year date but that really doesn't matter. It's like buying a car at the end of the year. Or you know in january if you can get on the shelves. You're going to get a really good deal on it so one of the biggest questions. It always comes up when you're buying a tv is how big do you go. What advice do you give consumers who are trying to figure out the right size. Tv to buy all the advice. I usually give consumers is if you think it's probably a little too big then you are probably right on the money because i have never talked to somebody who bought you know a fifty five or sixty five inch tv And then we're really upset. About how big. The picture looks and especially now when you can't go to a movie theater. People are loving these bigger screens now. Of course there's an aesthetic. You know thing to balance here whether or not. It's just gonna look too darn big for your living room but other than that again. You're not gonna be upset by having a bigger brighter picture. That's a that's a good answer. That's what i always tell my friends and my wife. Also if you're going to buy a tv don't short out. Can i mean if you can afford. It gets to the point. How much should people spend. I've done a little research on this. And the average person spends under four hundred dollars on the tv. I would like to spend a little bit more when i buy my next one. What would you recommend people. The average person spend ryan. Well you know it really does depend on what you're looking for but again if you're looking for that big punch you don't have to spend a crazy amount of because there are so many new technologies and some really up and coming companies. A lot of people have probably heard about. Tcl's six series tv by now. If you're shopping at all it is sort of the quintessential roku tv that people love to get it. Packs a bunch of performance punch into a very nice price point however if you are looking to get something even bigger and you look into say around that lower price point around four hundred but you know maybe you can go a little bit higher you can get. Tcl's four series which is not quite as good performance wise but it is going to opera four k. It is going to offer hdr which is going to give you that brightness and a wider color gamut and it's going to pop a little bit more and you can get a seventy five inch model of that right now For instance on best buy for six hundred and thirty bucks. Six hundred thirty dollars i mean. Can you imagine we've been around a while. You imagine getting tv that size for like anything less than three grand even five years ago. I'm not. I'm not gonna do the math exactly but it's it's pretty wild. How low it's gotten. It really is incredible And you mentioned best buy. There's an unfortunately in the world. Tv buying we've lost a lot of local tv shops or audio video shops So a lot of people do their buying online. But as we're getting close to the game it seems like you may want to think about going local at this point right. Well you could. I you know i think that is a great point. It'd probably depends on how close you are to a prime shipper if you're going to do it from amazon but one thing to do and i did this recently with a different product purchase. Is you can shop on best buy and then order it to pick up in store. They'll usually do curbside avoids the pandemic issue they can. They will bring it right out to your car and slap it in the back and then you're good to go so i think that's if you're looking to stop right now right before the game. That's probably your best way to go ryan. Thanks again for being with us and for the listeners. Out there working. They find out more info on buying a tv for the super bowl. Yeah we've got Reviews on many of these. Tv's on review dot com. You can also check out our best of tv list and sliver other best of that have Show all the great deals and compare all these. You can kind of you know you. You do your shopping right from home and then hopefully get it right before the

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