'The strategy has not changed': Sally Beauty's Carolyne Guss on the retailer's pandemic-friendly rebranding


Hi thank you so much. Curel it you know. I'm so excited to talk to you. Not only because You know i'm excited here about what sally beauty has been doing but sally beauty. I feel like though in texas has such a big footprint in texas. Where i'm from you know. Maybe some of these east coast kids and some of these people around the country. Don't know as well so i'm wondering from your perspective. If you could describe what you think. Sally beauty offers and is is different. From what else in the beauty landscape great. Thank you for asking you're right. Our headquarters is in texas but we are actually all over the country. We've been part of local communities for the past fifty years so we really have a long heritage in the beauty project in the pro beauty. Safes at an. I would say that our bread and butter is here color. Where a lot of our strength lies as well as care nails. But what i would say is that there's a couple of things that really set sally gi apart i is we really wide assortment of salt salon quality hair color hair care. Products and a lot of them are brands and products. You can't get anywhere else at the second thing. Is that when you walk into a sally beauty. You get professional expertise that That i think is really unmatched. So all of our sales associates are trained in pro collar in hair care and so they really have an extensive knowledge. So if you come in and you're looking for something specific or you're trying to change your luck you're gonna get really hands on pro help and then the last thing i would say is that You know we are really committed to we have such a wide assortment bowl really committed to to meeting diverse needs of customers so whether it's textured hair care or it's different types of hair colour. There's so many different things different needs that we satisfy going so you know one that you just had caroline which i think is fascinating because i remember this in texas is that sally beauties footprint was really not like mall centric. It was very community driven. Where you would the grocery store wiser. Where target was is that the idea is that your main like store strategy yes. We are not predominantly mall based we are in a shopping centers. A lot of you know. Local communities i mean will really find us all over the place which i think really speaks to the breath and depth of of what we're able to offer consumers and you have thirty seven hundred stores. Is that correct around that. Yeah so you know. Obviously i wanna talk about the pandemic and the crazy year that we've been in but how that affected stores but pre pandemic. What was your strategy or approach for how sally beauty was going to maybe modernize or evolved this year. Yeah i'll tell you. Pre pandemic starting january we had A pretty extensive brand relaunch that we were in the throes up so we had just started at the. The tagline was all around. Unleash your protein shawl and really it was about Shear point modernizing the brand but really showcasing the consumers that they that we would deliver the confidence they needed to. Diy at home. This strategy honestly is not changed because that's become even more important during the pandemic. But i will tell you that you know we were in the throes of doing. Tv in out of home advertising and making a big media investment and so some some of that obviously changed with what was happening with l. bed and then the other thing is we were embarking on a digital transformation so we are making updates to our app we had just launched color view which is Technologies that you can pick your pick your favorite shane and see how it looks on you before you buy it so we had a lot of things in the works that we just started when the pandemic hit so. It sounds like you're pretty. Well prepared i think from a digital perspective for what was to be the next months and maybe you know year and a half of our lives. But i'm wondering what was that initial shock like especially with the stores because i know you have so many stores so many associates and then you also have a big responsibility to the professional small business network where they're buying supplies from you to that and cut haired Home or color in their own salons. Yeah i mean let's say that really What we had to do was be nimble saw on in the store side and the consumer side it was really honestly both sides. It was really like. How do we meet customers. The way they need to shop so we were prepared for we also accelerated a bunch of things From digital on channel perspective so for example we launched ship from store so that you can get your product get certain faster way launched a boat this recently so in case. You don't wanna go into the store. You have that option we on the on. The cosmic prophesied launch same day. Delivery to to really make sure that we could fit the needs of stylists who who really had to be very nimble during this time so we accelerated a lot of our omni channel offerings to make sure that we had you know we could new customers the way they needed to shop from your perspective as things waned on. How is the customer responded to this new way of shopping. You know some people say will they ever go back and store again or will. They use the stores as replenishment tools versus discovery tools. The way they once were kind of flipped with online so what sally's perspective

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