Livestreaming goes global, and sustainability gets real: Glossy's top beauty trends for 2021


Were thanks for tuning into the glossy. Beat podcast. I'm your host rear row executive editor at glossy and this week. We're doing something a little bit different to close out the crazy ear. That was twenty twenty. I'm bringing on. Emma sandler are beauty and wellness reporter here at glossy and liz flora our senior beauty and wellness reporter. Here glossy chuck a little bit about what happened and what we can expect in twenty twenty one. Hi emma hi priya. Thanks for having me. And liz how are you hi. I'm good. how are you doing good so excited to have you guys on here today because i feel like people are going to get a sense of not only what are slacks or like. But what how we can work together. on our beauty and wellness coverage. So emma liz one word. We heard a lot. This year was the word acceleration. It seemed like every ceo every cmo and basically every social media post had that Kind of tagline so from your perspective and from where you sit. What did that mean to you emma. Why don't you go first. Think so much so when it came to acceleration i started out. Twenty twenty by covering sustainability and honestly. I thought it was going to be a topic that would cover every once in a while. I was actually concerned that might not have enough to cover but it ended up being a topic that not only everyone wanted to talk about but there are some genuine developments that were pretty significant when it came to single use plastic or to finding alternative sources to plastic So that was one thing that i really felt accelerated and something that intrigued me when it came to the topic of acceleration is how much people started to really focus on their direct consumer channels. Considering the internet has been around for more than twenty years and for the last fifteen years. I found it almost strange. That stay t state was only really now getting the attention that it really deserved so a follow up for you. What you think about sustainability and you know kind of like the renewed interest there. Were you surprised that was happening in tandem with a global pandemic when it's something that's very expensive and companies you think of it as costly and maybe not necessary. Yes end nodes the reason. I say that is because yes. It was a surprise in the sense that rans were finding the time to dedicate themselves to this issue but now because global warming is the global. Climate crisis has been a decades long conversation. And we're only now reaching a point where certain solutions have become viable options for brands. Such as the case of post consumer recycled plastic cardboard paper etc. So because they've been years long worth of work on the supply chain. It wasn't actually about surprising that brands were now coming to a point where they could share end employees some of these tactics into their brands.

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