Stopping human traffickers in the Sahel

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The work of the un and its partners never stops to prevent human traffickers from exploiting desperate people in west and central africa as they embark on dangerous journeys across these heart desert in search of opportunities further north and in europe to explain what is being done to tackle smuggling gangs. I spoke to vessel coastal. He's the un refugee agency's special envoy for the central mediterranean situation of concern to us are refugees. War already formed protection in the country normally neighboring country or four gene but because of the issues relating to covid many lost their job loss sometime their shelter on some may consider moving on to try to find better protection elsewhere. One thing. I know that people might be keen to find out about how cold it has affected or impacted on migration. Because what's clear from the report released. Is that human smugglers human traffickers. They haven't had any trouble in going around the restrictions have they know absolutely. It's a market opportunity for smugglers traffic yesterday diversified. Their will for try to make some more attractive for these people to embark on those donates on in order to sit come vent a border closure in particular land border closure. They take higher risk on some of the people unfortunately trapping those journeys. Could you maybe tell me some life stories that are featured in your report from the u n refugee agency. There's one that really struck me a somali boy who was travelling unaccompanied from somalia to ethiopia to sedan and then to libya than ultimately to malta. Absolutely on we get to lia people like that they don't stop at the first country of asylum because editor condition are not there editor because they were confronted to incident in the first place. They arrive on the feel. It's not safe address some time. It's because the traffickers has light to them and told them well. We have a job lineup for you in libya. Make you cross through europe on. Those people don't realize that even before reaching libya they're going to get into trouble while crossing swatter countries because the so-called gentle smugglers actually turn very quickly nasty traffic years. Yeah let's just back that up with some data. I know you're report. Says more than five hundred people died trying to cross the sea from libya and twenty twenty often on overcrowded inflatable boats. So what is the. Unhcr the urine refugee agency trying to do with local governments when with local governments. We try to tell them to combat trafficking activity because there are too many known human traffickers that have never been brought to justice on that applies to many coastal states but we trying to work also with communities to tell them to offer another alternative that there might be other solutions on the weights too late when the people reach libya which wisden sarah territory because going to be tempting for people to want those boats on belief the traffic yourself telling them pretty. Tell me about some of your community initiatives. There's one that you cool telling the real story that tries to prevent smuggling and trafficking exactly debts targeting eastern africa mentally eritreans on somali we have mobilized diaspora in europe on the square to let people tell their story. What up to them. So it's sunny filter. Dissolve videos disarm chat forum where people talk to people in their language on. Tell them exactly what has happened to them to try to demystify. On debunk the narrative of the traffic use. Where's your focus at the moment because libya's being in turmoil for so long and it was such a poll for migrants. But we hear that bikini fast has a really growing displacement crisis to yes. there's been a significant increase. In displacement in the western side countries i mean most trillion people displaced because of the conflict. Not that many people leave the region. Manley malians few citizens from rookie. Necessa but many stay-at-home was displacing. Nesia stay nesia. They don't on baucom those dangerous johnny. So that's one area of focus western sale. The other one is the crisis linked to what has done in tigray recently over the last two months on the displacement weariness you appear on ensued. How can you tell me about some of the solutions for placing people who need international protection with their families and talking about family reunification. There are some pilot projects that you've launched with egypt sudan and others. Yes we try to look again at the narrative of many states saying you know but legal pathways exists. People need to use them rather than to embark on the dangerous journeys on. We realized that in reality goes legal. Press quiz extremely difficult to access. If you are refugee camp in eastern sudan you may not get the commission to leave the count to go to the capital city. Where you know. The unbe skilled the country where you have release may not be open or may not exist at all so what we try is facilitate access to the documentation on simply procedural four people. Could we quickly go back to the unaccompanied somaliland. Do you know what happened to him. He ended up in multi indian. Didn't he yes he did you. I don't know what happened to afterwards but the majority of those unaccompanied children from somalia depending where they come from. They will get a protective status in europe in principle

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