Apple and Hyundai-Kia pushing toward deal on Apple Car

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Apple close to finalizing a deal with the honda kia to manufacture an apple branded self driving electric car. Wanna get straight to the man who has the news With exclusive details the lebow fill great reporter andrew it yes it would be an understatement to say that this would be huge early for the auto industry but also for apple when you look at what is possible here the multiple sources who tell me that they are working towards a deal all make it clear that these are talks that have been going on for some time and that they are moving towards a deal now whether or not it gets finalized that remains to be seen. They're keying in on production at the key plant in west point georgia. That's about ninety miles. Southwest of atlanta. It would be autonomous electric vehicle scheduled for release in twenty twenty four. But the people i talk with say look that could get pushed back to twenty twenty five twenty twenty four. They're going to have to start making steps fairly quickly if they're gonna meet that timeline and here's the most important part. It would have apple hardware and software in other words. This would be an apple car. This would not be apple software underneath a key a model. This would be an apple car. They're keenly focused on making sure that the user experience by the way it fits in with the apple ecosystem. That's a big part of this. The georgia plant by the way. It does have capacity available. And there is the key escape. Skateboard hyundai kia has an ev skateboard. But basically think about that as the platform underneath the vehicle it can be adapted depending on what the top hat of the vehicle would be that could be utilized by apple as they're working on this apple car. We reached out to apple yesterday. It declined to comment on this report or the questions we had for them. We also reached out to hyundai kia hyundai kia. Spokesperson declined to comment on the questions that we put to them regarding finalizing deal with apple one other stock or a couple of others. I wanna focus on here general motors. Why take a look at general motors. Well clearly if apple does develop an apple car and gets into this ecosystem with let's say a vehicle that is for robo taxis or for package delivery firms. Eventually it would also be a vehicle that perhaps or their vehicles that perhaps people would buy as part of their own personal buying vehicle. I'm going to buy an apple car. What are the implications for general motors. And all of the automaker's. We talked to mary barra about three weeks ago when some of these i reports were first bubbling up and we asked her this specific question. What does it mean if apple gets into this game. Here's what she had to say. I'm probably not the right person to ask what apple's plans are. We consider them to be a formidable competitor. So that's why we're working with all the capability. We have with our technology to go as fast as we can to To really satisfy in delight the customer in our vehicles and create that relationship and just incredible overall ownership experience. And guys i. I'm sure there will be some questions during the analyst called for ceo. Jim farley about the landscape in terms of competition maybe not a specific question on apple getting into the auto business as an automaker but clearly This is a space that is developing quickly and again we have talked with multiple sources who say that apple and hyundai kia. They are moving down the path towards finalizing a deal for production of an apple car in georgia.

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