Jupiter and Saturn in rare celestial ‘Great Conjunction’

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New utopia. Sev- astrologers say that twenty twenty was the start of the decade of the great transformation. It's also known. As the jupiter saturn pluto transformation men of course what's scary about pluto is pluto when it comes around even though you may argue whether pluto planet pluto is actually a symbol of death. So you have jupiter. Which which gives you a jupiter and saturn gives you the judgment confinement in structure pluto brings the transformation and transformation always means either death or something else after year of chaos and upheaval in twenty twenty. Some charges are calling the societal reset and this was long before covid. Nineteen up and everything and of course klaus schwab and prince charles got together to create economic reset the saturn jupiter conjunction is supposed to offer us a way to move forward into the next decade. So even though it's kicking off an ongoing you era. Astrologers are as far as i can see astrologers saying that in the short term this conjunction might make this holiday week feel extra intense in the short term

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