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K pearson and monica coleman run the super hip catskills motel. Kate's lazy meadow together. Kate is also a member of the new wave band. The beef fifty twos the two women have been up in the mountains since the pandemic began a call their house up there mountain abby. They've been taking care of the motel birdwatching. Gardening canning tomatoes and spending time with their german shepherds. It's also the longest amount of time. They've spent together since cates usually often tour for a good chunk. Kabeer when i was listening to the to them i was struck by just how fascinated. They both seem with each other. And how they support one another creatively. It's really wonderful to hear that from a couple that's been together for nearly twenty years. Keeton monica i in new york city back in two thousand at the time. Both of them were with other people and kate had never been with a woman. We're both in relationships. And we knew each other as friends and monica's near had these put on shows at joe's pub sean. Choose club by noticed. Monica was behind the scenes and she was filming and according and doing all this stuff. And i i really noticed her but she was very quiet. I thought we met up here. I didn't know you meet him. Yeah oh yes so. I guess you remember us being together seeing each other talking to each other. It's like black latinx okay so we met so we must have that in two thousand and you know you guys were doing stuff shows up whatever but they both also had places close to woodstock new york in the catskills. Monica was a photo agent in new york city and after nine eleven she wanted to give up the whole city lifestyle and moved to the country. Time so i was skiing up here with friends and i forgot my hat. I remember. I was on the list. And i said i'm going to teach myself. I did this. I was up here. Wanted to figure out like a way to live up here full time and so taught myself to name and then that turned into buying a building in in woodstock feel an old post office in renovating that and turning it into the company and kate at the time had purchased her property to start lazy matter which was already purchased it and in the middle of renovations at the wolves store. Kate would come in. Check out the scene and what we're doing. She asked me if i would help with that project. So that's how sort of we started working together. We were both in relationships. And you know we. We became sort of friends. And and that sort of power Noon asked her to help me lazy meadow now. I had thought. Lazy meadow the year. Before just i drove down the road. I had no sort of dreams of owning a hotel. But i i saw this property for sale and i went and looked down by the river so magical and they will gold finches and butterflies lying around the sofas cree. Kate is correct. It is totally magical up there. Think dirty dancing. And that one episode of mrs maisel and every subaru commercial. Ever those of the catskills mountains after lazy meadow. It's just little roadside hotel little red roadside motel. I just thought how should be so easy to renovate and i'll theme the rooms in. Ob really it will be so much fun and easy. nothing about renovations is ever funnies. And when kate started she realized they were much more difficult than she thought they'd be so i called them to help me and she saw all these problems. There was a whole water system to be created septic systems. You can talk about that but anyway was a lot of renovation and also i had no idea how to run it and we had very soft opening in two thousand three. I think us two thousand three two thousand. Yeah nine of us had done any kind of logic in any kind of hotel or any. So so i'm sort of carried over from the repping business into sort of applied it like i had written all my programs for for that business to sort of run. It like the the point of torches system the coding and all that stuff. I'm sort of computer geek. So i i had coated all of that for my other businesses and just kind of carry that over that just applied and we just sorta did it seat of our pants and and started slowly and i have to say just not to interrupt but i had watched you. You know. I'd seen you at joe's pub and seeing you behind the scenes kind of doing things seeing you the wool store you know. I mean you're a woman of so. Many talents and monica does pottery and should makes jewelry. But when i met her. Her skill set was just enormous in and helping lazy meadow. She could break out the song and the hammer and she could do computers. Use a tech really techie. And i just was watching all these qualities. And i just fell in love with you so i mean it was sort of a slow burn away but you know when you work with somebody and you fall in love. It's just really things sort of fall into place you know. There's just sort of the cards all lace. It just seems natural. Just seemed like a very natural unity that we had in working together and it works pretty smoothly. There was some ups and downs and yet some floods lazy meadow some hard times there. But you know we weather and all of that together and we had a lot of fun. We made it. We made it fun. It was an adventure working together. It was so much more fun than working with other people. Because kate so amazing makes every day like special fund experience so that was really neat to me. You know having that kind of excitement and energy vision and try to keep up with that sort of pace was exhausting and also zillow so and we created beautiful things together. Cates vision admire sort of know how and also both of us having really business savvy the main thing that we created. We don't have good business. Sally very well. I mean i think what went was created was something that was really organic in really very much an extension of our lives and our home life just sort of just an extension of our lives and it just sort of seem us like lazy. Metals is part of our lives. What we created there is is sort of like your guests at our house in a way. It's not like some corporate produced theme hotel where everything's the same or you're trying to go for some sort of cookie cutter kind of saying it's it's very very unique. Very organic very authentic. It was around that time that monica broke up with their partner. Maggie and kate needed to

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