Daniel Prude Case Reflects Difficulty of Prosecuting Police in New York


I wanted to ask you. Ben crump about another case that you're involved with and that's the case of daniel prude. This horrific killing almost a year ago in rochester. Major protests This week because a grand jury refused to charge any of the officers involved. Daniel prude's daughter to share. A prude appeared on cnn. In september calling for the rochester officers involved in the killing to be fired and charged with murder. This is what she said. I will like to see them be fired and charged with murder there. There's video footage of these people suffocating. My father my father was murdered by these police officers. There's no reason why they should be on a paid suspension. They should be arrested in. They should be try as the killers that they are and so now. This grand jury has refused to indict despite the the calls for the charges to be brought by. New york's attorney general letitia james whose office lend the investigation She said Most recently daniel prude was in the throes of a mental health crisis in what he needed was compassion karen help from trained professionals tragically. He received none of those things. Can you talk about the refusal to indict this regrettable that many times because grand jury proceedings are secret. We don't know what evidence was all for it About a prosecutor to the jurors and making their determination we must remember brianna taylor's case And michael brown and ferguson missouri. Case one of the rare instances will we saw the inner workings of the grand jury. We saw that the prosecutors put forth of very weak case and when you put four four week case to get a prosecution then you won't get the grand jury to decide amy. It has been said that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich because ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of the time when a prosecutor wants. An indictment are prosecuted. Gets an indictment oftentimes prosecutors. Because they have this symbiotic. Relationship with law enforcement will give greater consideration to police officers than the unknown african american or hispanic citizens that they have no relationship with when they go into a grand jury. Proceeding we saw so many times with throughout the country is historical where they were trying to establish off their as by saying well we presented a grand jury and the grand jury found no probable cause. Will we don't buy that. We know that's part of the intellectual justification of discrimination. That leads to the legalized genocide of black people in america. And that's why we have to have. Systemic reform changed intact coach criminal justice in america as we said at the michael brown graduated decision was announced. The whole system needs to be indicted other than that they will continue to kill. Black people with impunity

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