1996 Interview With Flea Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers

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I. I'm fine thank you. How are you want to start off by asking is strange to think of yourself as an arena band. No not really. I mean because we've worked for so long to get to this point where we're playing arenas spent so many years. Starting in this lawless little clubs were way up to mega domes and It's been a very gradual thing so it hasn't been like all of a sudden opinions. Bq jelena's like this for so many bands. Were working in for us. So it's not i mean. Are you glad that you worked your way up that way. I felt good about where at how we got at. I feel like that we've worked hard and we have a good understanding of what it is to be where we are understand the value of work. Can we understand the value of discipline and understand that the fruits of creativity feel like this is the best lineup since the first lineup of the band. I can't say that now. I think this is an expert lineup. That i think would different than any other lineup and i think we are smoking but I think that the john fashanu lineup. This very amazing. And i think that the original is really strong and misdee- initial impetus further suspend. It's hard to compare them. You know they're all hello. John fashanu dave navarro very different people very different ideas and very different ways of expressing themselves. I think this is a great one. If i didn't feel it was clear them. Smoking banned in the world. I wouldn't be out here playing. Arenas was it a goal to get to this level I kinda like often some foggy distance. Perhaps all the player is no. But i more thought of like playing there was a place called in los angeles. This computer called perkins palace. I think it holds about fifteen hundred or two thousand people. And i see parents down. I thank god that was my biggest goal palace that was always thought we make it like the perkins palace. That would be like my dream. Come true the greatest thing in my life. Us kind of clips. That haven't you. We could do that. You know obviously power. You can make enough money to paint event and have another job. You're doing real good chat and I think it was in the rolling stone piece refers to this as a new band with new priorities. Is that the way you see it to I don't know my priorities aren't any different. I don't know what he's talking about the new band. Dave definitely has different priorities in his life than anyone else has never been in. This band has narrowed personal satisfaction. What made you pick up a piece when you originally started playing bass. Hello slovak said to me We've bass player in my band wheel and the world. Yeah that's that's how. I think most bass players start out here. The band needs a bass player and And and there you go. Yeah i guess so. Yeah and did you become as great at as you are by just just constant practice and or mean. Ross run economy. Great thank you. I do i want to call you. Thank you very much. I i developed my style on the base by just trying and by listening to music that i like listening to a wide variety of different musics and trying to understand different feelings as music in lots of different types of music and just being myself not trying to be anyone else and by a really loving firstly. I think you know just truly loving nothing you hills strings. Nothing feels when i get inside. Someone's kicked

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