Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in single-car accident in Los Angeles


Woods, suffering serious injuries to his legs when he rolled his car in l. A this morning, Just in a statement on his Twitter page says, is awake, responsive and recovering Well tonight he underwent a long emergency surgery for serious injuries to his lower right leg and ankle, the first deputy on the scene, saying the wreck could have been so much worse. The nature of his vehicle. The fact that he was wearing a seat belt, I would say that greatly increased The likelihood that it saved his life. Rescuers had to use an ax and a pry bar to get Woods out of his SUV. The officer on scene said he was alert and talking at the time tonight. The chief medical officer U. C L, A medical center says Woods has leg fractures and injuries to bones on his right foot and ankle that were stabilized with screws and pens earlier today. Tonight. Come on, Who spoke to you? Dubs number one golfer Know Woolsey, who met Woods at a conference not long ago. Just praying that he get back and Oh, yeah, Everybody knows that Tiger Woods and, um so t hear about that is it's scary because you just don't know what the future is that with golf without him, investigators say there were no signs of impairment. There's still working to get answers about what led up to the crash. They're looking at speed. Is it possible factor? Crash happened on a notoriously dangerous road. Well, it is one of the all time greatest call first with 15 major victories, he second behind Jack Nicklaus, who holds the record with 18 major championships in 2019, He mounted a comeback, winning the Masters just two years after undergoing a spinal fusion. For today's crash. Woods was in the process of recovering from the fifth back surgery of his career. There has been an outpouring of concern and support on social media tonight. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus says he and his wife are deeply concerned and wish Tiger all the best for a full recovery. Pro golfer Justin Thomas tweeted quote sick to my stomach right now praying for Tiger Woods and hoping for an amazing recovery.

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