Prince Harry reveals why he stepped back from his royal role

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You have stopped at the right podcast. I'm of course your host gobi joined by the sunny. The radian lovely maggie really doing. I'm great owen. How's it going out today in london. It's very exciting. it is. I just enviable showing your life hits on good morning america outside buckingham palace where it looked like you're standing in a whole other season. Aarp blue sky was it is all of a sudden. I feel like it's night and day. Sun is out in london buckingham palace shiny and sparkly in the sunshine. And it's like spring is around the corner you know. It's just a little bit of lightness and happiness that we need to get us to the rest of lockdown of course and you of course covering today's big story which is prince harry's first major interview since stacking away from the family done slightly unconventionally but in in a way. That was a whole lot of fun. I think it was great to see. Harry being harry after what has been a very serious and heavy year great to see him thriving and in good spirits in la. Definitely when i watched this morning. I came sat down to my office. It's early you know it's a friday. You're kind waking up. And i laughed out loud by myself in my office watching this video now a you know what thank you think. That's just what i needed to kick start my friday. Get into the weekend. Just eight chance to laugh and have some fun. We'll have a full deep dive into hurries. Special with james corden later in the show. We'll also be catching up with. The sussex says he helped out important organization in texas this week and also revealed one of the first successful initiatives from their arch. Well foundation will also be catching up with the other members of the royal family but before we start with any of that. I think it's important to to take a look at the latest update from buckingham palace philip. Who as we record. This is currently facing his second weekend in the hospital. This is obviously a very difficult time for him and all of the family but we have had some updates from those family members this week. Yeah we'll someone's in the hospital for going on two weeks like this you know. Of course we're worried especially when they're ninety nine so it was good to hear some of his family members we had Pricked edward who said he's doing a lot better what you know. I think you made the point. We're kind of used to the standard line of someone being in good spirits when they're reporting on their health so it actually have the phrase. He's doing a lot better. You know that that made me really hopeful. But again the fact that he's still in the hospital is just you know it's very concerning and i know that we're not the only ones on his family. It's definitely concerned right now. And so we're kind of all all hoping for the best absolutely well at nine thousand nine years old always a worrying time when someone at that age is in hospital. This week buckingham palace did actually give more detail about why. He was hospitalized in the first place with a statement saying alongside the fact that he remained at the king edward the seventh hospital receiving medical attention. infection but they did add that. He's comfortable responding well to treat and but isn't expected to leave hospital for several days. Now we're sort of reaching the end of the several days now in the has been a further update from buckingham palace. But as you mentioned there have been other family members giving us updates along the way prince. William was out on an in-person engagement this week. So away from the video calls. Zoom cameras to the king's lynn corn exchange in norfolk which is sort of town center of sorts. It's where they're currently administering vaccinations for that. Part of england and he went to really see and patriots. Some incredible efforts of the staff involved in that vaccine rollouts but alongside that. He caught up with one of the photographers on the ground. That to say that his grandfather was doing o k. So i think that was the must be worry from family members. The certainly has been concerted effort to not let people get worried exactly. We're not going to jump the gun here. We're not worried yet. I think everyone's just being cautious hoping for the best in waiting for some good news. I mean just after we recorded the last episode We saw prince charles entering the hospital onto my philip staying at For half hour visits it was unexpected. Wasn't announced by the palace simply caught on cameras by those reporters who were already on the ground outside the hospital. He didn't Make any comment as he came and left in some photos People did say that he looked quite emotional. And i'm sure it was a very difficult time for him to sort of see his Father on well. That's nice for anyone especially at a time like this. We know of course being elderly at that and in hospital during the time of covid makes for an extremely warring period of time for anyone But i think the fact that charles went back home two hours away to his highgrove place in gloucestershire shows that he wasn't despite rumors that he may be staying in. London showed that there was simply visits to check. And see how it's doing and in fact with the sources week and said that prince philip is actually just been a bit frustrated in hospital of terrorism much to do and we know that the bedroom per likes to keep busy and i think being stuck in bed is probably the worst scenario for him right now but that's not so on brand for up. I love that reaction well as he remains in hospital. It is Keeping calm and carrying on being the bill for the queen who continued her work this week.

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