Off The Record // Ask An Expert // U.S. Military ft. Don Tran - Ep 4



What guys welcome back to off where we talk about. Whatever we saw today segment is asked an expert and we got dawned who is a former marine raider which is special operations of the military and guys not question. I do okay. How many Missions have you done. can you know man. I don't know okay so like wooden regular military right like when you get when you're when you get deployed like you go to like iraq or afghanistan or one of the countries that were in. But i know like special. Ops people can be in any place like south america. Whatever right did you do that. Worldwide stuff like all over the world in special operations to do. My last point was over to the philippines. While we're in there yes like all kinds of right. I says i is there only doing okay. Sure okay why is in the philippines. So the southern islands of the philippines. It's called Mindanao and all the small islands There's always been controlled by a lot of terrorist organizations like the The mill They're called a mill amounts to call themselves beth and other terry's organizations for the longest they've just been doing like a kidnap-for-ransom operations piracy operations and they're all like middle eastern terms organizations filipino filipino tennis low filipino and then a lot of influence from Like the acapella of malaysia. Indonesia kind of Muslim influence because he pretty much. The majority of the religion down in the southern islands are muslim. And then of course the most films. America are catholics. Yeah how long influence from there but Because of that i think that there was a huge influence in some people came over. There was trying to start up so the is so wherever there's a muslim population does isis. Try to go in infiltrate and bring extremism there. Because i am assuming like when i was in malaysia. There's muslims obviously but they're just like they're not extremists like yeah so i'm wondering. Is that how they kind of go into these different countries. I'll let say the religion is a portion of it but also the destabilization of a specific area just like down there like in the very far corners with hard for the filipino military. To kind of have a lot of influence on because a lot of support the get out there and all the missions like the wild west. Like it's like. It is a part of the philippines. But it's so hard for them to control that area we also have intense recruitment like isis. Anyway like these law social media and shit sure ask pre- pretty weird but when we were in the philippines this city called morale got taken over by isis. So we were able to help them get back but it was completely like in the streets and like we're the new leader now. We're not there for like we're not running and gutting with us but we're there advise and assist and help them with their with their mission over. There were civilian clothes. We're incidentally close. Yeah are you there as military or you're just there as like a journalist or I don't we're i mean we're there for the military. The people that are there. How do they see you. Do they see you as like Like

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