Tipper Gore vs. Heavy Metal: The Hearing


I think that if we were going to have a big senate hearing about something irrelevant in the mid eighty s we should have had one about gremlins. Welcome to your wrong. About where often are problems. Come back to the gipper. But sometimes they come back to the tipper homemade satanic rhyme tribute to michelle this week it's tribute to to michelle sweet satan michael hobbs. I'm reporter for the huffington post. I'm sarah marshall. i'm working on a book about the satanic panic and if you want to support their show where on patriotic patriots dot com slash. You're wrong about and you can find us in lots of other places with t shirts and mugs and other options or not. Whatever your lie but here we are. We're gonna talk about the war on porn rock yes. I think we're gonna have a good time. Just like the senators had on. September nineteenth nineteen eighty five when they hit. We're gonna party like it's nineteen eighty five breath yes. Can you catch us up. Yes what did we cover last week. Okay so story begins when a mom and wife is senator. Al gore by the name of tipper innocently purchases the purple rain soundtrack for her eleven year. Old daughter who presumably had not seen the movie yes and was horrified by the lyrics to the sign. Darling nikki masturbating with a magazine. A great lyric and we discussed in the previous episode. Who i think we on. This show are pro. Explicit masturbation descriptions in lyrics certified freak seven days a week. Yeah and this leads tipper to have what i think is a very reasonable and good idea. Where his that. Music should have ratings. So this is kind of attempt attempting to regulate corporate offerings really in a way that feels pretty central to the democratic. Party's ideas and she's also very explicit about the fact that she doesn't want legislation. She wants the record companies to do this themselves just like the movie industry did themselves. Yeah i mean what is the literal chain of events from there like immediately after deciding. Music should have ratings like what is her first move. Their first move is sending a letter to stand gorda. Cov who's the head of the recording industry association of america and this is where they make the demand for the specific ratings. They want v. For violence a drug alcohol over colt dixon ass. Basically this whole summer as they're doing this huge publicity blitz like notifying the entire country of all of the transgressions of rock music. And all of the women in bikinis on covers it said in the background. Negotiating with record companies. About how exactly. This should work the main argument that the record companies have against this and this is a very good point only three hundred and fifty ish movies. Come out every year in nine hundred eighty five whereas three thousand five hundred albums featuring twenty five thousand songs come out every year so the recording industry part of their push back to this is just logistical mike. What do we do if there's an album with twenty tracks on it and one of them is really bad. Because i mean we labeled whole record i mean one of the central bullshit mrs of this hearing which doesn't come up enough when you read these countdowns like the time when heavy metal pushback against tipper is that okay the hearing is on september nine thousand nine hundred eighty five right In august the recording industry had already caved So basically as they've done this like months-long negotiation with the washington wives. Were pushing all this. The recording industry said look. It's not gonna work to have these specific ratings like warning parents of the specific content of the albums because logistically. It's just too hard. However we are open to the idea of a generic warning label right and we know that this is what we ended up with. That's pretty good.

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