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Let's jump right in man to frozen rope. Let us know who you are and what you do. My name is john hunter. I am thirty years old from northeast. Philly i'm a union glazer by day but i am a podcast. Her by night a baseball podcast about three months ago during the world series. I decided to go for it. I never I always wanted to do it. But i just. It was weird. It was like a couple of years. There was a couple of years where i was just telling my brother like i wanna to do this. Like this is what i to do. And then you know just life happens or you. Just you know procrastinate on stuff and it just just ended up not happening. And i mean it's kinda crazy. I'm probably the only person you've ever benefit benefited from the pandemic. I decided like all right. Well i have nothing else better to do right now and i just decided that his by like all like the microphones already had headphones off but like my wife already had. My wife has a mac book. And i was like all right. Well why don't just get into it. And i'll do it. And then the world series happy. You know what this is what. I'm going to start it i. I was sitting on headphones stuff for like two months before i even recorded an episode and it was just like it was crazy. But that's pretty much how it all started. So how did you come up with a name the frozen ropes. Explain that all right so the frozen rope a frozen rope in its own. Right is a a line drive or a a like in basketball. It's considered like something that just like shack is. He just threw the ball pretty much of the rim. And that's like for baseball. Like i remember the first time i've ever heard the term. It was vladimir guerrero was playing. I think for the expos at the time and he threw a lot. He threw a liner from from the right field right to the catcher and the and the announcer was like that was a frozen rope and i was like i like that and then it became my gamertag on like xbox back fox three six and i was an like then it just over the years. I was like you know if i ever do one. If i were to go podcast the name of it will be the frozen row. Podcast and this has been since i was like. I don't know maybe like twelve. Thirteen new podcast. Ball's probably if i ever do something the frozen rope lock. That's also again all right so so explain a little bit about the process right three months in. Obviously you had the name. Since you're twelve yeah What about the logo and things like that. So the logo was pretty simple. Is the major league baseball. i mean. hopefully they don't come after me for infringement or anything but it's a. It's literally just a baseball. The baseball symbol. The major league baseball symbol with headphones on it and it started off as being red white and blue normal. The normal one and then. I got affiliated with media. Group called the buzz and they were just like you know we. We don't wanna get hit with infringement. They're like so. What can we do here. And i was like. I mean you could change the color if you want to your color scheme. And that's what they did. They changed it to their scholar. Scheme ended up working out pretty well. They put the ball in the headphones. And it was just completely just change. Everything about it so it was. It was pretty cool. That's awesome so explain a little bit about how you got connected with the buzz okay. So the i'm in like this. I'm a nerd when it comes to baseball. So i'm in a sports group simply just pretty much baseball. It's called sports chat but it's really not just baseball pretty much on a why they don't just change it a baseball chat whatever so it started off with that and then there's this guy like you know i told him i made episode or two and he's like oh give let me let give it a listen so he gave listen and he was like he's like you know me and my body just started a media group not too long ago with another group and the guy some. I went nuts so they just decided this move on from that it ended up being where they just were like a baseball podcast because they have like five. They'd five podcast on their thing right now and before me and all five of them were either for them. Were wrestling podcast. I don't know why you need that. Many good for them. And there's a guy who's actually from like england who's on there which is pretty cool. It's pretty cool. The way they do it. They're a great group of guys and it's pretty cool everything and then there was a guy. Then there's some rain on. I think there's a soccer program to that. They're trying to generate right now. Trying to get more people to watch and on anyone. You guys are in a soccer. But if he's argo try that and then Then they different stuff on there but it was pretty cool the way that it kind of came about and then i told them that i wrote. I've be right little articles. I've written articles for guys know the tattoo dunphy. So dunphy is a friend of mine. I've known for a long time. But i went to high school with a grade school. I believe too. And like i've known for a long time him in this other dude joe that i'm friends with a started a base. They started a podcast and stuff called like deep fly and they do a bunch of stuff for their own media group. So they asked me. Would you want to write for our so. I was doing like little baseball pieces for the phillies. And i would just write little things for them and it ended up being pretty cool. It was it was like a cool experience. So i get myself into that type of realm like i always wanted to do something baseball related. I didn't care what it was like i. I'm way too small to play and to old to play so it's just got past that and i was an in so i kind of looked on the other side and i don't know it's just something that i was always into so it all worked out well so so explain a little bit about So to download An episode from the frozen rope. What what can they expect. What some of the topics you hit Things like that So one thing i always. I'm a red sox fan. That's the start off. And i always tell people baseball fan. I red sox me and second. There's i never really ever wanted to do anything as far as just saying like i want to cover one team. Yes there is. Because i'm very diverse. When it comes to the sport. I know pretty much. I don't want to brag. But i know a lot i know i know pretty much everything enough to make my own podcast and be confident with the things that i say. Yeah so i feel as if when you go on there. You'll see someone who's not biased. You'll see somebody who you know truly cares about. The sport gives a good input on my thoughts. In how. I how. I look at the game. Yeah i got a guy the other day. Text me one of my friends from the from the union. Us just like it's crazy. It's like he's like. I feel like i know the game. He's like but you like no it and he's like he's like you. It's almost like i give him like a managerial like input. Like i've been around since i was like nine. My dad was a head coach of saint joe's prep. He was a great baseball player. I've been around the game my whole life and then it just you know i. It just been something that i've always been in love with. I told my wife. That's unfortunate. You are probably my second. Love will always be my first and she just tells me she hates me for that. But it's funny. it's just it's just. It's just how it's always been baseball's always been there you know and so it's i always wanted to do something with it and you'll see somebody who just did something with

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