EPISODE #609 'Time Travel Triage!!' The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


What would you prescribe for him. When i give him my and tell him to eat it very good you are a smart one chip petits. No let's continue do stuff. All these cases seem so demented. I don't know. I guess. I'm just a mentally tight along you. Three as daca. Floyd dot granted chips follow after a biographies. Let's check up with dr steven fidget. Who are now being led into the examination room by secretaries. Okay hop up onto this table here fidget. It's fidget actually. I thought you said fidget. Yeah people make that mistake often. It sounds like fidget but it's really fidget f. I d. g. e. r. t. i c. Well figured the doctor is making his round. Jim we'll be here in. Just one minute. So sit tight. Thank you all right. When hippocrates comes in you keep him busy looking at your foot while i swipe a stethoscope yes your foot that you heard like this remember john. Okay look at this fidget. They had periodical doctors offices heated way back in three twenty bbc his bene- columns and courtyards olympics illustrated who and here's populace alexander. The force wild night out who. This looks interesting. Dr steven pitcher readers on the latest dirt on the rulers of ancient greece. Let's catch up with the latest. Dr floyd data brandon chips who are still shadowing socrates must say grant. Husein certainly do seem to know your stuff. I don't know what your problem is. Forty but you'd better pay more attention if you wanna be a good doctor. But i i know. I'll let you handle this next patient. Let me see the scroll here. This patient is suffering from Hurt foot apparently brought on by repetitive trotting upon by an evil mastermind avon mastermind. What's the patient's name. The patient's name fitchet fiji for the scroll here says fitchet trust me. It's figured and trust me doctor. Hippocrates i can handle this. One grant is japanese masks on right okay right this way good afternoon. My name is hippocrates and these are three medical students own. they're showing the on my rounds today. And i've agreed to let them run this examination. If that's okay with you show your scroll your says you hurt your little footy as dr floyd dr grant and chips look over the ten tiny ten toes. Figure dr steve slides up next to hippocrates hippocrates low i was wondering could i see your stethoscope stuff the scope. What's stethoscope. excuse me. i couldn't help but overhear. Did he just ask to see your stethoscope. Yes he did. Oh my mind. This man is very sick. He is i am. He's mentioning medical instruments that won't be invented until eighteen sixteen eighty. He must be suffering a bad case of evil. Lightest see i am yes. It's very dangerous. Quick doctors get him on the table. Hey let's go me. what are you doing. We need to wrap him stat grabbed. The guys don't tackles or guys markle's any moguls edge okay. He already looks like king tut. His skin is all pasty doctor. He's definitely a junk food junkie. Should we give him a transfusion. No we've got to change. His eating habits quick phillies mouth with these fish. Wait a minute who hate on top of a pencil neck. And not only that. He smells like a dead skunk in the middle of the row. There's only one thing that can get rid of that and it starts with an s. h. o. shampoo shaving cream legit. Floyd gets out a big can of shaving cream. Dr steve has had enough. He wrestles himself free from the grasp of dr grant and chips and drives us being through his mouth full of fish. Heads what jay and with that. Dr steven Run back to their ship and take off into the time and space stream you sure. Do the cure to what aol that gentleman floyd is. You'll turn out to be a great doctor after all even if some of those cures were a bit odd. Well thank you very much. That means a lot coming from you. Hippocrates where we should get back to our studies. Thanks for letting work with you today. You're most welcome. I'll remember to do no harm and was stay. We do good by hippocrates heroes race off to their ship us now we shall race off to the end of our episode. Where we'll dr. steve go next in his. Never ending quest to pillage history will dr floyd and his crew able to stop him and could we possibly work. Any more comedies. Saw references in this episode controls chips warp again next time on the radio. Adventures dot fully. Understand what you really won't go give my model ships chips before my belly button returns to normal. I want to have a naval battle Episode number six. Oh nine the radio. Adventures of dr floyd star doctor demento as hippocrates visit doctor demento and listen to his show online at www dot doctor. Demento dot com. That's www dot d. r. d. m. e. n. t. o. Dot com. This episode also starred carla rudy as secretaries. Www dot my space dot com forward slash ryan public and more a court gas chips. Www dot more quirk dot com leave us voicemails and area code eight one eight three three two three zero five three. Why not give us a review to search for dr floyd in the i tunes podcast directory. Kids always make sure you ask your parents permission before surfing the web or using the phone episode number six. Oh nine of the radio. Adventures of dr flowing is copyright two thousand seven dr floyd industries. All rights reserved the airwaves. Clear the airwaves. It's now time for dr floyd's imagination nation rangers secret message for you members of dr floyd imagination nation. Remember kids only official radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation. Rangers can code. Dr floyd secret message with the secret dakota ring available only from www dot imagination ranger dot com right. Grab your secret. Sokoto rings a pencil and paper and prepared to set your imagination to fund. Remember dr floyd. He is counting on you. And here is the radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation ranger secret message for episode number six nine time. Travel tree is fourteen five a fifteen bar team a fourteen five seven fifteen twenty seven sixteen a twenty seven nine eight fifteen twelve one seven nine twelve one three seventeen twenty a and. That was a message. Dr floyd himself to all his imagination nation rangers. You can join dr floyd's imagine nation and he shouldn't and become an imagination nation ranger only at www dot imagination ranger dot com and until next time. Set your imagination do fun.

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