Tim Cook On How To Disconnect

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What about if we expanded from you and employees here to the users your products. Because i think we all know one of the great challenges of our time is finding ways escape to step away from it all a lot of that has to do because if you have an iphone with you it's like the whole world is in your hand it's all it is and it's it's a portal to the world and so you can be just about anywhere in the world comes and grabs you or you are drawn by this force to engage with. Its so as you know. The ceo of teke mini. Which people depend on your products for doing that. We're on do you feel a responsibility to those users. Just like you do to your employees to help them learn. How and when to disconnect very much. So we've we think very deeply about all the things that we create about how they're going to be used how they're going to be used in scale the great ways they'll be used the not so great ways that they can be used and so an example of that would be springtime right. We we we do not want people using our products too much. We want to to create them in such a why people get the most adam in short periods of time to free themselves up to do whatever it is that they want to do and and so screen time was away of making us aware of how much time we're spending in our technology and i think in including for me personally it was my my estimates versus the reality. Were very different and have any numbers. You remember They were high they were was but what i did The action i took was i started asking myself. Why do i need all these notifications. Why do i really need this Do i really need to understand things in the moment that they're happening. And you know. And i started taking a metex out to seventies of these things that would grab my attention but need to in the in the moment such a free me up to do other things and and so yeah. I learned like i think like probably most people under estimate. How much are you sure it. And we we've never designed our products to to dominate people's lives. That's never been our purposes and it's not our business our business is to give people tools that enrich their lives and allow them to create something that they couldn't create or do something or or or you know sorta transform themselves some sort of why We've never been into this How how long is somebody spending on our property and less. Try to figure out a way to make that as high as possible. And how many clicks can we get we. We're not into that business model right but it is. The thing is the tool is so impressive in the design is so learning. and so. that's one part of it you know. We're naturally sort of people pick it up. It's this you know we see people have find that moment aboard. And then what people do they lean into a device and so that challenge of helping your users have that healthy relationship. I would suggest that we are still figuring that out. And not. I think just to. Maybe there's more to do and you know another example of things that we do. We give parental control so for those people that are are helping address their kids. It's a proactive way for them. To have not only conversation but also to put some rules of the road and and so we have thought deeply about each of these and we continue to do it. We're not saying we've arrived. We've got all the answers today. we innovate. They're just like we. Innovate with the latest camera system and the latest. Watch

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