A highlight from President Trump must implement the Insurrection Act

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Okay i wanna talk to you today about an issue that's been going around it in its with president trump and it's regarding There's a petition going around to ask president trump if he would invoke the aid chain. Oh seven insurrection. Act and what that is at empowers. The president of the united states to deploy the military federalized national guard troops within a particular circumstance to suppress civil disorder. Insurrections rebellions as you folks know the voter fraud that took place and the interference and chinese interference because the chai because folks let's be honest. China hates the united states. China hates president trump. This is a fact. I can't be any more honest than that folks. China hates the united states. Hates president trump. They hate the sanctions. They all penalties that they incur having to deal with the united sates president. Donald j trump. So in retrospect these voting machines is everyone knows specifically in these four states. You have the state of michigan wisconsin pennsylvania and of course georgia. When there's there's quite a few more states as well but let's talk about those four for today. Those four states. The election was rigged beyond belief. Not just not just thousand not just ten thousand not twenty thousand. But they're coming back and they're finding out this could be you know fi three to five million votes or more between the four states even more so we're not just talking about a couple votes here a couple of votes here that could go either way and the machines were rigged about anywhere from ten to twenty two one meaning on every twenty boats. Maybe one person might go to trump and then the other nineteen others would go to biden. That's what they did. This is the biggest election fraud in my lifetime. And i'm over fifty years old here folks and that's the one thing you have to understand. Is the democratic party. Really outdid themselves as time. This is obvious election fraud. This can't stand. Something needs to happen. And as i talked about yesterday in yesterday's podcast that when the lectures are decided and they go to be counted officially by the vice president president of the senate. Which is mike pence. He has one or two options. He can either certify them electors certify everything of the electors of the individual respective fifty states and once they're certified. There've been counted and certified. Then it's pretty much all over at that point what president trump can do right now again as petitions going through asking the white house to impose the Insurrection act that was of eighteen. O seven and basically It's a The insurrection act will enable the president trump to dispatch national guard Deploy the military militia and all resources to stop the insanity. The insanity is these votes. Were fraud these votes should never happened. They should have been caught. I know down here personally. Living in the state of florida here in central florida that they tried that. Bs they tried that. Bullshit down in south florida. They got caught. They were stopped. Why because we have a system in place granite. Florida has always been the sharpest knife in the drawer. Either i can tell you that i've lived down here. Eighteen plus years. They haven't been the

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