‘People Are Going To Die That Don’t Need To Die’: Available ICU Capacity Drops To 1.7% In Southern California Region, Los Angeles


The arrival of the Corona virus vaccine, Governor Gavin Newsom warned yesterday that the state is quote not at the finish line. California faces a worsening shortage of ICU beds with less than 6% capacity remaining statewide. Here to tell us more about how hospitals are coping with the virus surge, particularly in hard hit. Southern California is only Times reporter Ron Lin, who has also been reporting about concerns about the widespread flouting of lockdown rules in some parts of the state, which Health officials say is impeding the battle against the virus. Roland, thanks so much for joining us. First thing quite a beer. So tell us about the situation in Los Angeles County first, which now has like fewer than 100 beds available in a county with 10 million people. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. Across Southern California. We have less than 2% of ICU bed capacity and in L, a county like you said, we have fewer than 100 beds. ICU beds available Azad money There were only 95 available and the concern is that we're already seeing situations in which ambulances are waiting up to six hours to offload patients at the emergency room situations in which people have to Because it's so back loaded that people that patients are asked if they can if they can to get up and get walk into the emergency room and wait in the lobby because there's no beds in the emergency room s O. This is you know, getting to a point where it's you know, it's pretty zah crisis. It's not an overwhelming, though, like what we saw in New York City and in northern Italy. The concern is that you know, we're getting close to their, um You know, some California as a region it actually has, you know, double the number of cases per 100,000 people down the Bay area, so it's in a much more critical stage of the pandemic than in the Bay Area.

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