#195: 5 Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking with Dr. Caroline Leaf


Today's episode. First of all thank you for joining us in the podcast. Been a fan. Always see you on the charts. Sear incredible content on instagram and also just makes me smile to know as somebody who's like so into their family. I work with both my sister. And i work with both my dad and i've worked with my older sister and my previous companies that have had over the years and it just brings a smile on my face when i see a happy family working together for a positive mission which is even bigger than just making money so i just want to say hats off to you and your family because you just shared with me that you work with three of your daughters which is incredible Thank you so much dude. Appreciate that. I work with my husband as well. He's also part of it so it's like literally only one child is involved so but thank you so much for having me on your part cost sharing that if we can work family. It's it's great. It's really works really well so i'm a big fan of yours too sir. Thank you thank you so much so actually have a couple of questions that i wanted to start off with before we jump into here a little bit in some of your work. That's their one is off of that. you know. I think anybody who has worked with their family on anything or even having worked with your family. Let's say you're planning a bridal shower or a wedding or you're with the birthday party anytime you work with people that you're close to especially family. There's going to be little messes that come up. Are obscenity top suggestions that you've seen over the years of you working with family that they're gonna be breakdowns. How do you help clean up some of those messes breakdowns when they happen. I'm suddenly at you. Ask the question because it's so relevant. It's all sounds rose in wonderful but because it's family you can you can get you down as we know. And so we've take adopted a philosophy and you don't apply it but it's what we try and use guiding principle and that is that this is a very famous philosopher cannot be his name he said these three things that are important be kind kind be kind and the those are like the tenets of what how we manage working with each other because it's very easy to get snap When you're under pressure so that's one of the things that we really try to apply. The other thing is. We don't let the sun go down on any irritation or whatever you deal with the yield on the spot. And i know it sounds really funny. But the system developed for managing mind. We actually apply it elected each the during your cycle. You know get to do that via so we'd train ourselves to actually love in this mode honesty. We it really helps. Just recently added a parked car sexually with dominic dominic mark producer. And we wanna way to be always do our inch series together. We do faucet workouts workouts to two inch. Siri and i happen to wake up in a bit of a mood worrying about something a couple of weeks back and we get to the other way to orange theory. She asked me some but it was the way she said it so i ended up getting turkey. Irritated shares his mother. Who understands mind and all this brain stuff and here lost at irradiated. We in having this really stupid arguments just before we got into inch siri and we got baby stormed into orange syria but immediately started applying the principles for moment be forgotten and then as soon as we got into orange syria both apply the first of all transferring negative energy. To exercise is always a great thing that some little breathing exercises and then went through what us on the treadmill pounding the treadmill i was going through the concepts your cycle thereafter billups just going through the process to work out and why was dinette. And why did i get there. What can i do about it. Basically managing the situation with my mind and transforming the neural circuitry before got out of control and she was doing the same thing and as soon as we go out of our series. The first thing we say. I'm so sorry that's it really seen example. We do blow up but we do. Apply the principles of my management end. It's it's kind of a rule and that helps so proud down with neuro cycle news and you'll take us through the process and every absolutely think the team that i'm really getting from that sharing thank you for opening up. I know it's difficult. And you've mentioned this in your podcasts. In the past difficult for especially therapist and people who have worked in mental health to open up about themselves. And so i see you sharing stories from your life and that can be tough. And you're working against sort of trained behavior where you're told not to open up to exactly but i do find that with listeners on this podcast and i know me as a person it humanizes this experience because even somebody like you who teaches it when people know that you have to practice it as well. Then they're like okay. I don't have to be perfect nor should be perfection. The goal of things that life events are going to happen as long as i have the tools and they continue. You can dip into those tools than it's all about just continuing to do the work. I totally agree with you and that is so true minutes.

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