Massive Oil Spill In Israel Has Hit 100 Miles Of Coastline

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Israeli officials say they're facing the big ecological disaster in the country's history an oil spill in the mediterranean sea damaged about ninety percent of israeli beaches. Npr's daniel estrin reports from the site of cleanup smell. The are here. I'm on. Paul mclean beach. I just passed some ruins from hundreds of years ago in early muslim fortress down here on the beach. the seashells are just caked. Shiny black tar. There are dozens of volunteers helping with the cleanup. This is a group of people who have been out of work because of the corona virus. They used to help clean up here and then on the other side of the beach. I saw a group of soldiers and just volunteers from the public like mary. Sue sanski was so frustrated sad and a bit angry because of what happened the blues. These big pollution of somebody who's recklessly caused a lot of them inch. I don't know how we can deal with collecting all this moly. You can see small pieces of dr. It's p. with israel's national parks authority says ninety two percent of israel's beaches have suffered some form of damage from a beach close to the gaza strip all the way up to israel's northern border with lebanon officials still don't know the extent of the damage in the sea and they worry about the small bits of toxic tar in the sands that could eventually seep into israel's groundwater the easy example is when you think soup instead of salt you're putting aside if you're poisoning of their colovic system. All their torches fishes biology system indices damaged profound utah. The dead covered officials say satellite images suggest ship spilled oil beyond israel's territorial waters a couple of weeks ago israeli and european authorities are investigating. What happened and every day. Hundreds of volunteers are coming to israel. Speeches to pick out little pieces of tar from the sands cleanup effort. That could likely take years daniel estrin. Npr news poll beach. This message comes from npr sponsor capital one welcome to banking reimagined capital. One checking and savings accounts have no fees or minimum and top-rated banking app. That lets you manage your money anytime. Anywhere capital one. Na member fdic.

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