Israeli study finds Pfizer vaccine 85% effective after first shot

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A new study shows a single dose of pfizer and biotechs kobe. Nineteen vaccine is eighty five percent effective in preventing symptoms of disease. Fifteen to twenty eight days. After it's given the findings of the israeli study published in the lancet medical journal come as more countries way whether to delay doses. Our reporter blonde pinch. Husky has more that seems to vindicate. The decision made in the united kingdom. To delayed second does in order to vaccinate more people as quickly as possible. More and more evidence is mounting from similar studies that delaying the second does is a sound policy. And if this were to be proven without a doubt then basically countries like the united states would find themselves being able to practically double the number of people they vaccinate overnight visor and biontech still recommend that a second dose of their vaccine be administered twenty one days after the first separately the companies also said today that they're vaccine can be stored and transported in normal freezers rather than at ultra cold temperatures of between minus one. Hundred twelve and minus seventy six degrees fahrenheit which pose logistical challenges.

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