FBI Warns Of Groups Calling For ‘Storming’ Of Courthouses Nationwide And In Washington, DC If Trump Is Removed


And FBI bulletin obtained by ABC News said an unnamed armed group called for storming State capitals, government buildings, courthouses and the U. S Capitol. If President Trump has removed from Office before Inauguration Day, The Homeland Security Department said it would implement the inaugural security plans six days earlier starting Wednesday, when the House could take an impeachment vote. The FBI said the group is planning attacks in D. C and there have been specific threats against President elect Biden, Vice President elect Harris and members of Congress. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK In Boston, the FBI here says it does not currently don't have any plans. Armed protests at the Massachusetts statehouse over New Hampshire. Rhode Island, Maine Governor Charlie Baker says there's nothing law enforcement. Is aware of here. There are currently no known threats with respect to the state House or any other public building. At this time in Massachusetts, and on we will continue to monitor and track the information that's out there on we will be appropriately prepared for anything that might happen. President Trump meantime, today, taking aim at the prospect of being impeached again, The president calls it ridiculous. This impeachment is causing tremendous anger. Speaking to reporters for First time since the Capitol attack, which Democrats blame on him, the president said the impeachment push is dangerous, but we want no violence, never violence. The House will begin debating impeachment tomorrow, charging the president with incitement of insurrection in urging supporters to March on the capital, but the president's taking no responsibility for the riot. Saying his remarks to backers were totally appropriate. Soccer Megane Washington's president Trump visits section of the US Mexico border wall today on way to celebrate the completion afforded 50 miles of fencing this year. Hidalgo County Democratic Judge Richard Cortez wants the president to stay away in order to prevent large crowds that might bring more positive covert cases. We just modified order to ask all our hospitals not to do elective surgeries because we're 18.8% of our hospital capacity in Texas, the Legislature opening up today and Austin ABC is Jim Ryan says. Talk of Unarmed demonstration and lingering threats of covert 19 of rattles Some lawmakers nerves. Even images of the riot at the U. S. Capitol might not be enough to keep Texas 181 legislators from attending the opening ceremony at the state Capitol. With the specter of a novel coronavirus infection is a different matter to Democratic state representatives from the Dallas area plan to skip the event for fear that it might be a covert 19 super spreader hand there's a B C's Jim Ryan. The first U. S execution of a female inmate and 67 years was supposed to happen today. Right now, though, a court has put that on hold. The judge granted the stay late Monday, citing the need to determine Lisa Montgomery's mental competency. The Kansas woman got the death sentence for killing Bobby Joe, stand it and cutting out her baby. She was planning to raise the child as her own. That girl is now 16. Montgomery had a history of faking pregnancies and tricks dented into believing the two were meeting up so Montgomery could adopt a puppy. Montgomery's lawyers have argued that sexual abuse during her childhood lead to mental illness I'm Julie Walker, Boston native Casino mogul and GOP mega donor, Sheldon Adelson has died of the disease. Jim McKay has more on his life. Adelson was born in Boston and grew up in Dorchester. He rose to become the chief executive officer. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns casinos all over the world. Adelson was one of the early casino executives that look to spearhead American based casinos and Asian markets. In his later years, he became known for his major political donations him and his wife were known as the biggest backers of President Trump's re election campaign and 2020. He had been suffering from a cancer related illness recently in the past week. He had taken time off for surgery, his wife confirming this morning that he died of a long illness. Sheldon Adelson DEAD at 87 Jim McKay WBZ Boston's news radio in Massachusetts. Raised filmmaker has died. Director Anna Rose King died January 3rd after losing her battle with lung cancer, family says King died in New York City hospital She directed a total of seven films. One of which was inspired by the passing of her broadcast executive Father Roger King, the movie titled Good Enough Centers on the New York City based flight attendant who seeks to find a lost relative after her father's death. Popular television hover Syria's soon we'll be making its way to the tip of the Cape for filming of their 10th season. WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe takes a look selectman in Provincetown have approved 20th Century Fox is request to film the American horror story anthology in town from February 1st through March 6th selectwoman Lease, King says This could be a big boon for businesses in the area struggling because of the pandemic. It's off season. You're talking about bringing a lot of economic activity town at a time when businesses Could really use those dollars. King is a bit concerned about large crowds gathering due to the popularity of the show. She's seeking assurances that crowd control measures will be in place which enforce existing covert 19 rules and regulations. The cast of 100 will include Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson and Macaulay Culkin. Kevin Tonic, Left WBZ Boston's news radio. Listening

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