US Senate Swinging Blue Might Not Mean Much for Stocks


Looks like democrats are poised to pick up two additional senate seats throwing them control of the senate. We'd resist the temptation. That's sweeping changes are in the offing given the razor thin majorities the democrats. Now have neil dutta. Renaissance macro research is head of us economics said in an e mail wednesday still. It is likely that additional covid relief is coming democrats. Georgia had a simple message. Two thousand dollar checks to households two thousand twenty one. Gdp estimates currently at four percent will continue to rise. The right tail is likely to come up. As additional fiscal relief comes into play. He added the fed will resist changing. Its current policy guidance and will accommodate the improvement in the economy passive. Even this should lift inflation expectations. Help steepen the yield curve and provide a tailwind to us banks others also suggested markets fears over. The outcome of the election may be overblown. Even if the democrats win two seats which would give them the senate a fifty fifty tie. There are a couple of democrats who are quite moderate. You've got joe manchin of west virginia. You've got jon tester of montana greg. Valiere agf chief us policy strategist told yahoo finance on tuesday. Those to moderate democrats. I think will not go along with everything. The democrats want if they control the senate so no matter how you slice it. I think you're looking at a pretty centrist environment for the financial

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