The Monster of Worcester

Murder Minute


On. Today's episode the monster of worcester. But i your true crime. Headlines to milwaukee. Teenagers are facing homicide charges in the rape and murder of lee who was brutally beaten and left for dead in washington. Park in september of twenty twenty lee was found unconscious and undressed below the waist in washington park on september sixteenth. Twenty twenty by bystanders. She was still breathing but unresponsive she had been sexually assaulted and suffered severe contusions to the face me later died on september nineteenth due to blunt force trauma to her head to teens seventeen-year-old kamari lewis and fifteen year. Old kevin spencer. Now face one count of first degree intentional homicide and one count of first degree sexual assault for the crime. A criminal complaint said that video showed five to six people potentially involved in the crime running away from the area it appeared that lee had been taken from a blanket to treat where the sexual assault occurred. She was then dragged to the edge of the pond and left for dead video from the washington. Park library showed eleven people leaving the park. Some on bicycles and others on foot. One of them was seventeen year old louis. According to prosecutors one of the bystanders who called nine one one after finding these body was later determined to have actually been in the park during the assault according to the complaint they were walking with some subjects including lewis and spencer when confronted prosecutor said that that witness gave a quote detailed statement indicating that lewis and spencer beat lee and forced her to perform sex acts. The witness said that a video. On lewis's phones showed lewis and spencer beating lee as she lay on the ground a second bystander who found the body said that he witnessed lewis quote hitting leave with tree branches and punching her in the face while spencer also beat the victim after the attack he said quote spencer told kamari to put her in the water and kamari was dragging her to the water. The witness said that he received video of the incident recorded by louis through facebook messenger and later deleted it from his phone on january twelfth. Nearly four months after the crime detectives received a call from the mother of that witness. She told them that she quote may have a video that they would be interested in seeing on his old iphone. sent to her son via facebook. Messenger by louis but later deleted. She said the video showed quote. Two boys beating a lady and you could tell who they were noting quote a lot of other kids standing around. She said they received the video about two days after the incident and she told her son to quote. Get rid of the video. Because it doesn't have anything to do with him adding that he should quote. Stay away from kamari lewis. A witness whose dna was found on a bottle at the scene told investigators that the incident began when he walked into the park with lewis and spencer and they quote solve this lady on a blanket in the park and walked up to her to see if she had any money and started harassing her. He said that lewis and spencer attacked her and dragged her away to the area where the sexual assault happened. He said that he quote didn't want to be involved and started walking away when he was struck by a juice bottle. Thrown by one of the defendants prosecutors said that spencer told the witness that he and bluest beat and raped. Leigh according to the complaint lewis quote tried to downplay his role in the incident telling investigators that spencer and others did most of the beating lewis even claimed quote incredibly. The complaint noted that lee quote volunteered to have sex with the defendant and others present but other people came around and the group started beating her. Despite the video evidence the complaint said that lewis suggested spencer was quote the most aggressive and that he beat lee more brutally as more people gathered. Dna from both lewis and spencer were found on lease denim jacket and on her body prosecutors. Say that lewis in all admitted to beating lee sexually assaulting we and leaving leave for dead near the pond and not calling for help noting that he thought he was dead and quote. Didn't really care about her because she's not someone he knows personally in washington a thirty seven year old redmond area man has been under guard at harborview medical center in seattle where he is being treated for a self inflicted injury after king. County sheriff's deputies responded to a domestic violence disturbance tuesday and found the man's eight year old son dead inside their home. The king county medical examiner's office identified the boy thursday as mahan malda and concluded that he died from a cut to his neck. The boy's death has been ruled a homicide just before eight. Am tuesday. Sheriff's deputies responded to a domestic violence call at a house in the unincorporated english hill neighborhood. East of redmond inside. They found the child dead and his father. Suffering from non life threatening self inflicted injury. No other family members were hurt. The boys homicide is being investigated by detectives assigned to the sheriff's major crimes unit.

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