Mindset And Blind Spots With Jarrod Haning


Nama stay an welcome to live. Love engage. I am gloria grace rand and today. We're we're gonna be talking about breakthroughs and business hand. Let me let me explain what i mean by that a little bit. So you know how when you're in a corn maze and you're not sure if you should go left or right but when you step on a ladder. Suddenly the maze is no longer a mystery. Well that's what my guest at jared. Haning does for business owners by teaching them how to think at a higher level they are able to see the whole picture and suddenly obstacles that were blocking the growth no longer exist and everything he teaches comes onto this one thing a breakthrough in your business. Will i happen as a breakthrough in your thinking. Which i've loved so welcome jared to live. Love engage thanks for having me. I appreciate Having you here and let me just tell you a little bit more about This gentleman because He is an award winning speaker. And i can attest to this. Because i watched one of his fedex. Talks was very impressed with it. It's related to mindset performance. But he's also been on. Abc's nightline spoke on stage all across the country. He's got clients around the world. He's also been chosen by ted global as a featured speaker of the week and what makes him unique that he specializes in a nobel nominated process. That teaches you how to get a higher level and allows you to access different parts of your brain on demand. And as a result his most of his clients gone to double their income by purposely. Working half as many hours. And who doesn't wanna do that. You know offense not enough. He's also a classically trained musician Which is also equipped him with a unique set of tools for leveling up your leadership and when he's not doing that well except for during corona virus days. I guess you'd normally find him. Or maybe he has been still flying skydiving or mountain bike riding. And i love this. This is really fun. is that his. He says his most prized accomplishment was winning. The world tickle championship in the five-year-old category. So you have to explain that. actually. I real quick. Come on Okay told that is a fictitious title coming up and gave to myself. Well i like it. I only have one kid. And he's no longer five now ten so so so basically the the championship was at home. Is that you will vary call many years ago. Why like that i. I think that's awesome. So let's let's talk a little bit now about this You know the having a breakthrough in your business in part of this one of the things that you claim is that by normally. We are so focused on getting things done that that actually kills your productivity and and checking things off the to do list which i must confess. I do like doing that from time to time Is that it actually lowers your income. So why do you say that. So productivity is not about getting things done it's actually about causing things to be done When you check something off your to do list you don't solve the problem of why it had to be done to start with. And if you're the one doing the work well you're going to be the one doing the work again tomorrow And that is a bad strategy and we just can't solve with stubbornness even epic. Olympic levels of stubbornness cannot fix that bad strategy. So one of the reasons that trying harder Doesn't move the ball forward It doesn't work. It actually just masks. The problem is because trying harder working harder working smarter even this. These are just themes on a variation more of the same trying to work. Smarter is just coming up with more of the kinds of ideas that already make sense and those are the kinds of ideas that have you stuck to start with a working harder. Just as doing more of the activities that already makes sense to do and like i mentioned earlier When you check something off your list if it doesn't address what caused the demand to start with. You didn't fix the problem and no matter what you're doing in that block of time. No matter how good you are at it. There's twenty seven other things that aren't getting done and so this is just really sophisticated. Spinning your wheels

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