A highlight from The 2021 OHSAA Boys Basketball Playoffs


Then go on tournament central that you could find your brackets from there. We start off with south west one and we will begin february twentieth. We start off at five thirty as the number one seed. It's centerville elks get number. Nineteen fair born a former g. Walk tho- and your battle between centerville and fairburn we'll take place invade elliott butler butler high school student activities center on the twentieth at five thirty and the winner of that game will play on the twenty four at five thirty. Also a de gets number twenty belmont the bison out of the dayton city league so we move on further down the brackets. We have two games the twentieth at noon and eight o'clock we start off with number eight van. Delia butler team. That i have called a couple of games with W w the aviators eight seed. They'll get number eleven troy and it might be valley league battle and that will be held at central high school. Be a little silly to have their daily butler. Play a home playoff game though jim and vice versa for centerville so this is at central high school between van de leon. Butler joy takes place the twentieth at nude. And after that at eight o'clock at daily butler you'll have sydney versus beaver creek a former g. walk battle city representing the most stephen. The miami valley league go and gets beaver creek. And that will be eight o'clock at videla butler of the twentieth of this month of butler troy and sydney beaver creek. We'll get to play on the twenty fourth at eight at butler and the winner of that gets the winner of belmont slash centerville fairburn to the bottom of the bracket number. Four fairfield gets a by. They'll play their first playoff game with the twenty third. And we'll see i up in cincinnati lakota west the eleven seat of firebirds against the kings mills kings knights of kings the twice second seat at princeton high school and that will be february. Eighteenth at six

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