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Hello and welcome back to kind of cute and if you're new here. Welcome my name's valia then i'm your host and on cue. We discuss articles on the cut. And my general pop culture musings. Y'all the big news of the day taylor swift announced that she is re recording her fearless album and coming out with new songs that she actually wrote when she was in the sixteen to eighteen year. Old age range. I am so excited. I posted it on my instagram but the fearless concert was just one of the best concert experiences ever. We didn't even have the best seats we were like on the side. We paid like one hundred dollars for each of them. And i think i thought that was so expensive now. Like thinking about what. I've spent on concert tickets. I'm like oh that was a steel and it was just such a magical night. It was my sister. Danny's first concert was it. Your first concert can see. I think it was both my sisters first concert. Seeing the joy in there is she had such as in costume changes. I just loved it. So i'm very excited for her to be able to release her new masters under her own name. Have control of them again. Fuck scooter braun. She is probably going to be releasing it on april ninth because she capitalized letters in her and grandpa's and when you take those capitalized letters they spell out april nineteenth and of course four nineteen adds up to thirteen. She loves thirteen. I think we kind of knew that fearless might be the first album that she released because of her love story. That ryan reynolds did for match. She lent her songs out. So we've already heard a little bit of a snippet from love. Sorry we. I just got a little emotional about it because oh i forgot to mention a during that concert like i said we weren't in the best seats but we happen to be on this aisle that when taylor left the beast stage she came up through our i'll and she stopped and she hugging my little sister. Danny and it was just so crazy. Were out of everyone in the stadium right now or was an arena like the fact that she came down this island. We had no idea this was before i was like scouring twitter at to like figure out the best place to sit like. Now i've become a full blown psychotic about finding goods concert seats back then. I was so naive. Those one of my i like big arena concerts So yeah i'm just it's so cute. How the picture for it. Kind of mir's the one of fearless. But she's looking forward instead of back. I'm just emotional about it. Like i said sometimes i can you know rag on taylor but i really am joyful for her. That she's able to do this. And i'm very excited. I still stand by that. On march nineteenth there will be some sort of release. But that's just a theory. 'cause i still think there's a third part of the trilogy to the folklore evermore. It just doesn't feel right that there's only two of them so i'm standing by that prediction. I'm probably wrong because it would be kinda crazy for her to release the re recording and then so soon after. Release a new album but anything can happen these days. Okay next up. I have to talk about. What was the most about thing on my podcast. I've never gotten more responses or comments on something. Y'all people were up in arms about me talking about peanut butter in the fridge. And one of the teams of the messages i got was that it's totally. Find a have peanut butter in the fridge. If it's natural because those don't have preservatives. whatever fair. I also keep my natural better out of the fridge. I get the one from trader. Joe's and i keep that out of the fridge. I know people are saying it's because it helps with the ease of separation so you don't have to stir it as much when oil separate okay fine. Valid the issue is the one selena had in. Her fridge was jif plain old jif. It wasn't natural jeff. Nothing okay so the other thing was. Someone commented that they like the way they're peanut. Butter tastes kohl's and again. I can also get behind that because one of my favorite snacks is to take dates. Put peanut butter in them. Dipped in melted chocolate chips. Put mountain see-saw on top and pop them in the freezer so i like that form of cold peanut butter. I love frozen reese's cup again. It goes back to the spread ability to me so to really mind. Fuck me on this. I'm sitting minding my own business after we recorded last week and low behold a turbo tax commercial comes on and mind you. This isn't the point of this turbo tax commercial. I think it's about a kid like still living with his parents. But this homeboy takes out a peanut butter jar from the fridge. And i'm like is the world. Just trolling me now. Because i do not understand but to anyone who does put their peanut butter in the fridge. Know that i'm not judging you. I was genuinely confused. Totally get if it's natural if you keep your jeff in the fridge. I think you're a little bit weird and maybe try you know transitioning to the pantry and maybe your life will change and you can come back and let me know speaking of commercials. Obviously the super bowl was this past. Weekend some of my favorites were the timmy. Shallow may one. But i thought that was an interesting choice that he was playing a modern day edward scissorhands and obviously johnny. Depp played the original edward scissorhands scissors hint scissorhands scissor. I don't know why that sounded weird to me

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