Houston school districts are monitoring weather conditions to determine if they need to close


Houston is about to experience. A major cold snap and hard freeze our own matt. Harrop tells us the houston fire department is warning people about safety. During the extreme cold weather the national weather service says temperatures could possibly drop into the teens early next week. houston firefighter. Mardi boosts says if you choose to use space heaters or other forms of supplemental heating. They should be plugged in properly. We wanna make sure that we're playing those directly into the wall that we're not using an extension cord and then we also want to make sure that space heaters have space boosts recommends portable space heaters placed at least three feet away from anything flammable. She also recommends using portable heaters with an automatic shutoff boosts says h. fdc's an increase in fires related to space heaters this time of year. And hfc's says it's important to make sure your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are working. I met harold in houston

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