Why Duchess Meghans privacy victory is a win for ALL royals

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Hello one. An welcome back to the airport show packed with world news this week and we have a baby. It's disgust maggie. So i think. I feel like we should waste absolutely not get straight into it when there is baby news involved. You know it's gonna be a good show. And we started the week with exactly that. Prince's usually jack brooks bank welcomed their first child a baby boy born in the early hours of february ninth at the portland in hospital in london. And i'm going to stop all the info that because we are going to have a special royal baby deep dive later in the show with all the details about the new arrival including whether he will have a title on on a lot of things that still haven't quite been announced confirmed by the palace yet. So we're gonna go through the list one by one before we get to that. How you doing maggie. I am good. you know. Kind of like what's the phrase same friday different week or same lockdown different ways. Things are good. I'll know all things considered still in the uk still lockdown but spring is here. Today was sunny. It was freezing but it was sunny. So you know we're we're things are looking up. Yeah we're doing we're doing. It's it's absolutely freezing cold. You tell me. What is it in fahrenheit right now. It's it's so. It's like literally freezing thirty. Two fahrenheit today was what it was. I kind of like it because so lashed winter with my first winter in london. It never snowed. So i never had snow in london so this winter at least we've had a couple flurries and i still get so excited. I'm like a little run to my window. I'm petit loves the drama of british people when we get about two millimeters of snow on the ground. And the i'd jury heard something today. There's no snowplows the city of london on hold and for me. I i grew up in boston. I'm new england girl and we would get to feed. That's like two thirds of meter of snow And we'd still have school like they're like it's just to go to school here. It's like you get yeah like two millimeters and it's so cute. All the kids are outside making snowmen and having snowball fights and i kind of love it. There's like that energy that comes with it and then by about two o'clock it's all disappeared. Yeah it's all melted but it's exciting. I wonder if the the royal kids go and play in the snow. We didn't see me photos did we. That'd be cute. Yeah we didn't see any pictures of the kids in snide. But i would imagine there'll be a few more opportunities given a look at the weather forecast for the next week's spring's around the corner. I think i'm being overly optimistic. We're like in the heart of winter right now but we did get some news from the palace this week In regards to charles and camilla by the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall announced that they've received first days aces of the covid nineteen vaccine. It was announced by clarence house. He said that they had both had their first vaccinations. They wouldn't go into details about which ones and we can. Speculate speculation guests that they were seen by royal doctor at their home. Both of them off. See staying at home together. As we've seen will be going into one of camilla's engagements later in the show. But yeah i think this is must be a huge relief for harry and william who of course went through a very difficult time with charles's coronavirus last year worried about him. He's definitely in that age range where he's high concern vulnerable population. And it's interesting. We've talked about this for quite a bit on this. Podcast but speculating know. How vocal will the royals be about getting their vaccinations. Because obviously there's this huge push in the uk worldwide and raising awareness. Making people feel comfortable taking the vaccine and you know we did discuss how the queen announced that eventually announced that she had the vaccine. And now we see charles and camilla being very vocal announcing they have the vaccine so it seems like that's sort of the trend and the next ones we would have to look forward to our. Well i guess. William and kate or harry and meghan stateside. So that'll be interesting. Probably won't be for a while but they'll be the next generation will push right trying to get young people out there. Make sure that everyone is vaccinated. I it seems that they could continue to start to be the face of this icon. Imagine a scenario in which we don't hear about became bridge is getting the vaccinations given how prominently they've Champion the wet being done on the frontlines here in the k. I mean we can not a week goes by the pair of them or at least one of them on zoom. Call with this week. It was national health service students that they caught with up with a resume.

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